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Subject: The end
Well this is hard but I am leaving (and yes shrooms I know I said I would give you a last dance but I can't find you)....sorry.My dear queen I will miss you but you know how to get a hold of me.

To all my friends and family I wil miss you all but its time for me to put down my sword(slams it deep into the thickest tree in the dark forest)...takes off all his armor and bury it at the foot of the tree..hangs his crown on a limb...he wipes his eyes..turns to the tree and puts a warding spell on the tree knowing the tree will never be in the same place twice watches as the tree fades away.....
He picks himself up and walks out of the dark forest not looking back....

I will miss everyone of you so much I had great times here and sad times here this was like a second home to me ........but real life has taken a hold of me....I will stop in from time to time to say hi and to give my Queen a kiss (but not in chat ok nate dont worry won't break any rules)

Bye again

King_Graywind (aka graywind..The_Darkness)

Walks out of westland

Walks out

Time Posted: September 24 2011 12:20 pm EDT
Last updated: September 7 2012 09:51 pm EDT


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