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Subject: The Queen intently
listens to both men as they each speak and when the one sitting at her table finally removes his hood and shows his face her eyes go wide with happiness. She turns to the man that had spoke behind her, not fully knowing just who it was yet.

Stand down, Sir.. the man you are about to draw upon is my dear husband.

she turns back to her dear husband and smiles softly before taking a seat at their table

My love, I did not know it was you till I seen your dear face. I knew something had brought me back to this tavern, I never even thought it might be your presence.

She leans over and softly places a welcome home kiss to her husbands lips and then sat back in her chair again, her eyes never leaving him

This is a joyous day indeed then, you have finally returned home after so long, My King. Lets just hope your stay this time will be a long one for I have missed you so dearly.

Time Posted: April 19 2012 02:42 pm EDT
Last updated: April 25 2012 08:18 pm EDT


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