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Subject: A Soldier's Return
Liani was not alone during her walk to the tavern. Though decades had past, the loyalty that once burned within the Hand still did. Fintan had shadowed Liani, unknown and unseen, for the last few miles of her journey, and now, he followed her in to the tavern. Cloaked in black, for the first time since the turn of the Age, his hair longer and his face now adorned with a full beard, he knew to be first glance.

Upon noting the man sitting at Liani's personal table, under the flowing black cloak, his hand moved to rest upon his sword.

"The Queen of Dragons spoke to you, Dog. I suggest you comply." His voice was gruffed, and slightly different, as was his accent. This only served to hide his persona. "Or I'll personally drag you out by use of a sword tip."

Time Posted: April 8 2012 09:20 am EDT
Last updated: April 25 2012 08:18 pm EDT


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