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King walks into the westlands thinking to himself we was sure he was never coming back to Westlands..walking down a the cobblestone road keeping his hood over his face getting a feeling he should never have left but he had too the power with in him had to go the_Darkness had to be controled he had to leave to learn of what was deep inside him .
The_Darkness is not gone he will never be gone but now we live as one he power is mine I have control of him. Thats way he had to leave some may not understand...but it needed to be done he might not have lived against The Darkness..
*walking to the tavern keeping his head low ...he walks into the bar and slips in and takes his sit in the cornor and looks and noticed its his old table the one he always sits in keeping his hood low and watchies the folks of westlands go about their night*

Time Posted: April 2 2012 11:02 pm EDT
Last updated: April 25 2012 08:18 pm EDT


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