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Subject: The Queen Returns
she walks thru the streets of the Westlands once more, heading for the old tavern. She had been gone far too long and was finally home again in the land she loved.

In her travels she had finally sealed Lady Darkness within her and she proved to not be a threat any longer but her power still remained in the Queen's control and was one she used often now a days.

She finally makes it to the tavern and opens the door to step in. She pulls the hood of her long flowing white cloak over her head and heads to the table that she was always at but stops half way thru the room when she notices someone already sitting at it.

The gentleman face was hidden by the hood he wore and that upset her a little, for she didnt like not seeing faces. She walks over to the table and gentleman and glares at him then speaks

I will have to ask you to remove yourself from this table, for it is only to be used by myself and one other and you do not appear to be him.

Little did the Queen know that it was her own beloved husband that sat at the table this day. He had returned and without notice to anyone, including herself

Time Posted: April 7 2012 08:49 pm EDT
Last updated: April 25 2012 08:18 pm EDT


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