The Dark-Warriors Official Guide is copyright 2007 - Dark-Warriors.Net

Let me begin by welcoming you to We hope that you enjoy the game as much as we do. On another note, please keep in mind that this guide is simply an explanation of the game and it's options, I will not be telling you how to have the strongest character in the fastest time, I'm not divulging any secrets here. Sorry. This is just to help ensure that you all get the most out of the game.


Well then, let's begin. We'll start with the login page. Here there are a few options available to you, even before you have created an account. I'm going to cover everything one by one in as much detail as possible. 
On the login page you will see the text boxes for you to enter your e-mail and your password. You will chose these when you register for the game. For your own security, try to use an e-mail that you don't use often for mails. You don't want anyone to know the e-mail address that you use to log in with. I'm sure you will be giving some people your e-mail address to send you certain things outside of the game itself, and it is just a precaution as to not give fellow players the one that you used to register your account.
For your password try to chose something random. Some random word off the top of your head. Avoid using things like your child or significant other's names, pet names and the like. It's almost a certainty that you will use these names when speaking to other players and it would be wise not to use them for a password. 
Just a small note, never will a staff member in this game ask for your password or e-mail address. If anyone ever does request them DO NOT give them that information. They are NOT staff on this game and are simply trying to get into your account for whatever reason.
To register for the game, just click on the "Register" link on the bottom of the login page. Clicking on this link will bring you to the registration page where you can chose the details for your account, which I will explain one by one later on.
I strongly urge everyone who is planning on playing dark warriors to read the game rules, also known as the terms of service. (TOS) The staff and administration of the game will not accept ignorance as an excuse to break rules on the site. Anyone who is found to be in violation of the game rules will be fined, have their account jailed, or in severe situations have their IP address banned from the site. We do not like to do this, we want everyone to enjoy this game, so by reading the TOS you can avoid these consequences.
There is a link on the login page to recover your password. This is if you ever forget your password you can request to have it sent to you by e-mail.
IRC chat. Yes we do have an IRC based chat for dark warriors players. Here you are able to chat with fellow members outside of the game setting. Everyone is welcome to go into the chat at any time of day to just shoot the breeze with fellow members.
The privacy link will bring you to our privacy policy. Yet another thing I request that you look over. It is always better that you know the details about an online game before you register.
The character profile link will show you a random player's account. Their character name, sex, how old their account is, their level and weather or not they are a member of a clan. It's an interesting way to see the differences between characters in the game. You'll come across some that are very old players and some that are only a day or two old.
The screenshots link will show you random pictures of the in game graphics and the game's layout style. It gives you a visual of what the game actually looks like.
The wallpapers link in just a few designs based off the game that can be used as a background for your computer's desktop. To chose a wallpaper from those displayed all you need to do is to click on the resolution of your computer monitor, and then right click on the image. To use the wallpaper without saving the image to your computer, you can just click on "set as wallpaper". To save the image, simply click on save image.
On the bottom of the login page you will also see some of the game statistics. How many players there are in the game, how many people have been to the site today and how many players are currently online. 
That is everything you can find on the main login page, so now, let's move on to the registration page.


When you register for the game you will be asked for a desired username. Please note that any of these symbols will not be permitted in names for various reasons: /@*#%{}()-<>. Other than that you are free to chose any name you like, though anything racist, vulgar or offensive will not be accepted. If your chosen name is found to be any of those you will receive a mail from a staff member asking you to change it.
Some of the other options that you have when creating an account are as follows. You have the choice to be registered as a male or a female character. This does not change anything with the account. There are no differences between male and female characters. There are not bonuses for either. It is only there are a preference.
Another choice you can make is regarding your character's class. You have five options here; swordsman, archer, mage, acolyte, and thief. The class you chose will only designate the types of skills your character will be able to use. (i.e.. mages have magic, archer's skills are all bow and arrow based, swordsmen's skills are all battle based...) You cannot change your class at this point in time, so try to chose something that you think you could stick with. 
You will also find your standard options on the registration page, i.e.. email, password, verification of both e-mail and password, and a question that can be asked to you that only you can answer if ever you forget your password. These are options you'll find when registering for most anything and they are rather self explanatory, so we shall move on. 
There is an option at the bottom of the page for a referral ID. This is not a mandatory field, but can be used if you have a friend who told you about the game. (I will get into more detail about referrals later in this guide.) You simply type in their game ID number and it gives them a referral point for your registration. 


That's all you need to know to register for the game. Now, lets move to the main game page, or the current news page. This is the first page you will see anytime you log into the game. you have links along the top of the page, along the side, and the newest news announcements from the developers and staff. Again, these are things that you should read regularly. Anytime you log in you should always check for a new announcement. If there have been any problems or updates with the game they will be noted and explained there. To see the previous news announcements, just click on the "last 10 news updates" at the bottom of the page.


Now along the top of the screen you will see six links. Mail, which brings you to your in game mail account, Forums, which takes you to the open message boards for the game, Chat, which will take you to the main chat area for the game site, Account, which brings you to your account options, Logout, which will log you out of the game (which should be done everytime you are done playing), and help, which takes you to a help section of the site.
Along the left hand side of the screen you will see some more links and some basic character info. You will see the avatar that you have chosen for your account, your account name, your current level, your experience (how much you have / how much you need to level up), below that is a percentage, that is how far you are to the next level along with a green bar that goes up and down displaying the experience percentage. There is also a health bar that works the same way and you can also see how much heal you have (remaining health / max health). Below the health bar you will see your energy (remaining energy / max energy) and a blue bar that corresponds to that. Your energy is what you use to battle, or when in the forests (explained later on). You can also see your gold (amount of game currency in hand), your bank (amount of gold in the bank), and your platinum amount.
Also along the same side there will be some links. The Overview link will let you see your current stats, age, etc..., the Inventory link shows you your equipment and items etc..., the Logs link will show you your account logs, the Westland link takes you to the "main city" of the game, the Upper Ven link takes you to the area where you can battle other members, the Wizard Ruben link takes you to the healer, the Clans link takes you to the main page for whichever clan you have joined, and the bank link will take you to the game's bank where you can deposit your gold. 
On the bottom of the page you will see some more basic game stats, such as the current game time (GMT), how many players are currently online, and a link to view them all, also it tells you the amount of time left until the reset (once daily) and the revives (24 times daily).
All of the links on the top and side of the screen, along with the basic game stats on the bottom and player stats on the side of the screen can be found on every page in the game, only the center of the screen with the page info changes each time. You are always able to view and access any of those links or information. 
Now let's go over some of the games links and pages.


When you click on the mail link it will bring you right to your in game mail inbox. Here you will see mails that were sent to you. How they show up is you will see the sender's name, then their ID (which is a link to view their public account info), the subject of the mail, and a small envelope icon. To read the mail, simply click on the envelope and it will show you the content of the mail. Again, the sender's ID is a link the same as before. On the bottom of the mail you will see some links. You have the option to clear your inbox (delete all mails), return to your inbox, compose mails, reply to mails, go to your kbox (keeperbox - saved mails), and contacts. Also there is a small drop down box and a go link. (Explained later). If you have many mails you will also have the option to go though the pages of mails. 
To send a mail to someone click on the compose link. You need to put in their ID number in the first text box, the subject in the second. If you leave the subject box blank the mail header will simply read 'Heya'. Then just type in your mail content in the large box. Once you are ready to send it, click the send link under the main content box and you will be taken to a page that says "You have sent mail to ____(person's name)" 
To delete a mail, go to your inbox and click on the small white box beside the mail you would like to delete, then just above your links there is a got to option, set it to delete, then click go. You have deleted the mail.
To add a mail to your Kbox simply click on the white box, like you would to delete a mail, then go to the dropdown box again and chose Kbox, then go. You have now saved a mail.
To add someone to your contact list, click on the contacts link when in your inbox. You will now see 4 options. View contacts, which allows you to view the people currently on your contacts list, add contacts which allows you to add a contact by putting in their ID number and a name for them, delete contacts, which lets you delete 1 person at a time from your list, or delete all contacts, which allows you to completely clear your contacts list. 
When viewing your contacts list, under each person there will be 3 options.  You can either write them a mail, view their public account info, or delete them from your contacts list. 
Now for the Kbox. This is where you can save mails for whatever reason. In here you have the same basic options as your inbox. You can clear your Kbox, delete certain mails, compose new mails, access your contacts or return to your inbox. Also in the dropdown box you are able to return a mail to your inbox the same way as you would send one from the inbox to the Kbox.
And that is the end of our chapter on mails.


The forums link is on the top of any page you go to. The forums are the game's message boards. This is where you can comment on different aspects of the game and get responses from other members, and staff. If you have questions, ideas, if you have found any bugs in the game, you can post them here and get feedback from anyone else in the game. Posting on the forums frequently is an excellent way to meet other members of the game.
When you click on the Forums link, you will be brought to the main forum page. Here you will see the different main topics that you can make your posts under. There are five main topics that are available for all members.
The game discussion topic is where you can post anything you like about the game. Feel free to brag on here about your high level, if you have comments on anything in the game, you can say them there. This topic is very general and you can see what people think of the game, and through the other people's responses, what they think of the statements. 
The ideas topic is where you can get creative. If you think that there is something that would be a good addition to the game, let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve dark warriors for you guys. Don't be shy about posting your thoughts on ways to improve the game. We are very open to suggestions.
The bugs and errors topic is where you can post any bugs, or spelling errors that you might come across during game play. A bug is where you are able to cheat at a certain aspect. For example, there was a recent bug with the hangman game, where if you clicked the back button on your browser, you would not lose a turn for a wrong letter guess. (Note: it has been repaired). But anything like that that you come across, please post it there right away so it can be fixed as soon as possible.
The Non game discussion topic is where you can post about anything you like. A funny web comic, local news subjects, anything you like. However, be advised that advertising other games on the dark warriors site is a jailable offense.
The game help topic is where you can post our questions about dark warriors. You can get advice from fellow members and staff. If you aren't sure how to do something, (even after reading this guide), you can post it up there and within a day usually you will have an answer.
If you are a clan owner or co-owner there is also a topic called the clan council. This is where clan leaders can post names of people who are clan abusers, clan ideas, and general assistance with clans. Please note that members who are not clan owners or co-owners or staff cannot see this topic.
Staff members also have a topic on there that only they can see and access. This is where they post staff only threads.
Now if you are a member of a clan, under the general boards, there will be a heading called clan forums. Under this heading you will find your clan forums. Only members of that clan can see that forum. Each clan has different topics on their forums, and different styles for the names of the topics. For example ESS (Elite shadow society) has several topics that are on their forums. But only ESS members can view and access their forums.
Under every forum topic you will see a brief explanation of the topic. That will help to let you know where to post your thread. Under that it will tell you how many posts there are in that topic, and how many of those are new. The numbers are always changing, and it will let you know how many posts have been made since you last checked each topic.
To make a post simply click on the name of the topic you wish to discuss. Once you do that it will bring you to the threads in that topic. Threads are previously posted statements made by other players, (or yourself) that people have responded to. If you want to start a new thread, at the bottom of the page there will be text boxes like those you use to compose mails. Just enter a subject in the small box, and your main content in the large one. Once you are happy with your content, click the reply button and your post has been made. It will give you the option to either return to your post or to the threads list in the topic. CLICK ON THE THREADS LIST. If you return to your post, it will post it again. Double posts are a pain. 
If you want to make a response to someone else's post just click on the thread and there will be the same boxes at the bottom of the page. To reply to someone's reply in the thread, click on their reply subject line and then again the same boxes are available.
That pretty much explains the forums, so let's move on.


The chat link is at the top of any page you go to in dark warriors. When you click on the chat button, you will be brought to the local chat area. Here you will find four chat rooms. 
The local meeting is for any member over three days. You can discuss anything you like here. Just relax and enjoy some conversation with fellow members and staff. 
The newbie help area is for players who are new to the game and have questions. You can go there and post your question. If there is not anyone else there at that time, check back frequently, someone will have answered you. Staff, admins and older members check it regularly to see if anyone needs help with anything.
The trading meeting is where you can go to set up trades with other members of dark warriors. If you want to trade an item for another, an item for gold, can go here and set up the trade details.
The staff meeting is only accessible by staff, admins and game developers. It is where they can discuss certain things regarding the game.
Beside each of these chat room names it will tell you how many players are currently in each room.
You will also see a link to the dark warriors java chat. The java chat is another general chat area like the IRC or the local meeting.
Below these you will find the chat rules. Please read them and follow them. Anyone found to be in violation of these rules will suffer the consequences stated below the rules, under Punishments. Again, as with the TOS ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.
Now let's go into one of the chat rooms. Click on the name of the chat room that you wish to enter. Once you are in the chat room, at the top of the screen you will see the name of the room you're in. Below that is a refresh button. Please use this to refresh the chat, and not the refresh on your browser or the F5 key. Using those will result in double posting.
Next to the refresh button is the text box. Simply type in your post there and then click either the chat button beside the box, or the enter key on your keyboard. And voila, your post has been made.
Beneath the text box are the chat room smileys. Simply click on the one you want to add to your post and it will be put in. Or you can type them out yourself. For example the small smile one is :) and the large tooth baring smile is :D. You'll eventually learn them all.
After the smileys you can see the posts that have been made in the chat. The conversations.
Under the main chat section, you will see the names of the people who are currently in that room. The names are links to view their public account info. You will also see beside their name a tag. This tag is to let you know which clan they are in. Some will even have a small icon beside their name. The green shield is for developers, the silver shield for administrators (admins), the gold shield for staff members, the red "S" is for subscribers. I will go into more detail about icons later in this guide.
Underneath the list of players in the chat, it will give you the chat room's stats. How many lines of chat there are since it was last cleared, and how many members there are currently in the chat room. 
Below that you will have some more links. The first one is Change chat options. Clicking on this brings you to your accounts options. At the bottoms it will give you the choice as to which color you would like your posts in the chat to be. The first id a dropdown box of a few basic colors, the second way to do this is by entering a hex color code in the text box. You can find hex codes by doing a search on them with your regular search engine. (Yahoo, google, etc...) Either way you do it, chose your color then hit select. It will let you know that your color has been changed, and once you return to the chat, your posts will be your custom color. I suggest that you do chose a custom chat color, it makes it much easier to follow conversations, and leads to less confusion for people.
Another link that is found there is for chat codes. They are quick little codes that will automatically display things like your clan name, or how much platinum you have. Simply type in your post with one of these codes and it will bring it up. For things like platinum and gold amounts it will also provide a small icon next to it which means that it is a verified amount. 
You will also have the option to lurk. If you click on the lurk link, it will open the chat in a new window and you won't be able to type, but you can see everything that is said, while you do other things. You do not need to stay in the chat to lurk. 


Let me tell you first that this will be a long section. Here is where you can change everything about your account any time you wish. Alright, so if you click on the Account button at the top of the page it will bring you to your account options. Here you'll see a list of things that can be altered on your account. They are separated into four sections.
Game options, Personal details, Communication options, and Battle options. Let's take a look at each option and what it does.
Change Name
If ever you decide that you would like to change the name that you have chosen for your account simply click on this link. It will bring up a text box on the bottom of the screen. Just enter in the new name you want for your account and click the change button. If the name is already in use it will tell you and you'll have to chose another one. Sometimes in that situation, just adding a number on the end of the name will help. If it is not already being used it will tell you that your name has been changed and to see it as the new name you need to close the window and log back in.
Change Password
To change your password, just click this link. On the bottom of the screen it will ask you for your current password, type it into the text box. Then there will be another box in which to enter the new password. If it is a shared computer it will ask you which e-mail you are changing the password for. Chose your email address and click ok. Once that is done it will show you your new password and again you will need to close the window and log back in.
Change Secret Question
If you're unhappy with the secret question and answer that you had chosen for password recovery, just use this link. When you click on it, it will bring up a dropdown box at the bottom of the screen. Chose the new question you would like and then in the text box below that enter the new answer. Once you are satisfied with the new question and answer, click the change button, and it will let you know that you have successfully changed your secret question.
Edit E-mail
If you need to change the e-mail you are using, just click this link. It will ask you to enter your current e-mail address in the first text box and the new one you would like to use in the second. Just fill in the two boxes, then click on the change button. It will tell you that it was changed and again to close the window and log back in.
Change Game Layout
When Dark Warriors first started out there was a different layout. It didn't always look the way it does. At any time you are able to change the layout that you use. There is the default, which is the newest one, and Old Skool, which is more simple and has less images. The second one is preferred by people using a dial up connection, as there are not as many images to load. However the new layout, (default) now preloads the game's images which helps with speed on dial up.
Turn ON Help Popups
For new players this will read Turn OFF help popups. When you first join the game there are small text windows that open if you hover your mouse over different things in the game. These small windows give you some brief information about the item you are hovering over. At any time you can turn them on or off by using this link.
Turn ON / OFF Overview Map
The overview map is the way you see the Westland. To see everything as a text link that is available in the Westland, turn on your overview map. To travel through it by going in directions, (N, S, E, W) turn off your overview map.
Edit Profile
When people view your public account info, they will see a profile section. In here you can say a bit about yourself, or put a quote, is just a small thing that people will see when they click your name or ID number. To change your profile, click on the link and you will get a text box at the bottom of the screen. Delete whatever is in the box, that is your old profile. Once the box is blank, enter in the new profile you want people to see, and click on the update button. It will then show you your new profile. (Note: If your profile uses any quotation marks, there will be a slash just before each one. Don't worry these will not show in your profile.)
Edit Blackwish
This is where you can go to block people from being able to send you in game mails. Your first time clicking on this link it will give you two options. The first is to view your blackwish list, clicking on this will show you those that are on your list, or that your list is empty. The second is to add someone to your black wish. The number listed beside it is the number of people on your list out of a possible 10. Where it says "Add Blackwish ID" simply type in the account ID of the person, then where it says "Blackwish Name" put in the account name of the person. Once you do this, it will tell you that ID __ has been added to your blackwish list. When you click to return to the blackwish list, you'll have the option to delete blackwish. By clicking this link, you'll be prompted to enter their ID number. Once you do, click delete and then there will be a notification telling you that they have been deleted from the list. If you want to delete everyone on the list, simply click on the clear blackwish list link. It will ask you if you are sure that you want to clear it, click yes and everyone will be removed. Now, when you look at the list you will see the people listed by ID number, then their name and some more text link options. You can block their mail, clicking this will show you "ID __ (name) Was Blocked From Mail". Knock out puts a hit on the person. Basically, by paying 1000 gold, you are able to have them killed by whatever weapon you chose to enter into the text box (i.e.. turkey drumstick, baseball bat, etc...), and with any message you wish to send them (i.e.. stop stealing my gold, hehehe, etc...). You'll also have the option to spy on people. By doing so, you can see things like their stats, their gold amount, platinum, etc... that you wouldn't normally see by viewing their public account profile. The last option is to delete the blackwish. This will delete only that person from the list. You cannot add someone more than once.
Edit Location
Clicking on this brings up a small dropdown box at the bottom of the screen. Simply chose the country you'd like to change it to, and then click the submit button.
Edit Player Quote
To edit your player quote, click the text link, then just replace the " This User Has No Quote" with whatever quote you would like, then click the update button. It will then show you your new quote.
Edit personal picture
To add or edit a picture of yourself, first upload it to a website. Then just take the link for the photo itself, (not the page it is on, but the link for the picture. Right click on the mouse and chose copy image location) and put that in where it asks for the photo's URL. Click the change button and then you're picture will be in your message options of your public profile.
Edit Messengers
To allow people to view you instant messenger names / addresses, just click on this link. Just add in the information for whichever messenger you would like to have viewable. (i.e., msn:, etc...) Then click the change button and people will be able to have a way to contact you outside the game.
Update IM Hardware
This is to let people now if you have either a webcam or a microphone for Instant messengers. Just chose yes or no on the dropdown box next to the one you would like to change, click the update button, and people will know what hardware you have.
Change Chat Colour
Covered in chat section. 
Change Forum Name Colour
This allows you to change the color of your name on the forums. The first id a dropdown box of a few basic colors, the second way to do this is by entering a hex color code in the text box. You can find hex codes by doing a search on them with your regular search engine. (Yahoo, google, etc...) Either way you do it, chose your color then hit select. It will let you know that your color has been changed, and once you return to the forums, your name will appear in your custom color. 
Edit Forum Signature
This is to change the signature that appears under your posts in the forums. Just click the link, then type in the box the signature you would like, click the update button and it will appear under all of your forum posts. 
Edit Avatar URL
An avatar is the picture that you will see on every post you make in the forums. To chose this just click on the text link and you will have two ways to go about it. The first is to upload a personal one that you have either made or taken from another site. Simply save the avatar pic, and then click the browse button. This will bring up the box to look through your computer to find the pic. Double click on it, then it will automatically be placed into the text box. Click the send file button and you have your new avatar. The other way is to chose from the free ones provided by the game. Just click on free avatars, go through the pages till you find the one you want, click on it and it will automatically become your new avatar. Close the window with the avatars, and you are set to carry on with your playing.
Edit tax settings
This is an option only for clan members. It is the amount of experience or gold that you wish to automatically donate to the clan. Chose the percentage of each to donate from the dropdown boxes, click the change button, and any time you are in the upper ven or forest it will be automatically deducted from your winnings and given to your clan.
Edit Skill Configuration
When you buy skills, you have to configure them all. To do so simply follow these directions. They explain it clearly and if you have any troubles with it feel free to mail any of the game staff. This is where you configure how often you use your special skills in battle.
There are 5 different health ranges and you can select the probability of each skill occurring in that range. It is easier to understand if you look at the columns rather then the rows to see what happens in each range. Columns add up to a maximum of 100%. 0% means it will never happen, 100% means it will always happen (If you have the wisdom).
Remember that each skill has a wisdom cost. By performing lots of skills early in the battle, you may run out of wisdom too quickly. You can increase the number of skills that you do per battle by training in your wisdom stat. Wisdom is restored to full at the end of the battle.
Turn On / Off NPC Battle Logs
Anytime you battle it will send you a log directly saying who you fought. To set it so you only get the ones from battling other members make sure this setting is off. If it gives you the option to turn it on, it is already off, and vise versa. 
Well, that covers the account options, so let's move on shall we?


Anytime you play dark warriors, you should log out when you are done. Especially if on a shared computer. If you don't the person that logs in after you will get the option to log back in, which will bring them into your account. This can lead to some serious loss of gold, items, platinum, etc... If this happens the dark warriors staff is not held responsible for your lost items. So please be sure to log out each time you are finished playing the game. Just click the logout link and it will automatically log you out and return you to the login page.