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When you click on your overview, you can see all of your account's stats. Starting with your personal stats, you can see your IP number or address. That is the number used to identify your internet connection and computer on the internet. Then you see you game ID number. That is the number that is used to identify your account on dark warriors. Then your level, the current level of your account. After that is your current experience, health and energy, the same as on the side panel. Last in the personal stats is your age. How old your dark warriors account is.
After the personal stats comes the battle stats. The Record shows your wins, losses and total battles. Then you are also able to see the name of the last person you killed and the name of the last person who killed you. (These names are links to their public profile.) Your class is then listed. (Swordsman, mage, archer, etc...) After that you will see your AP. These are the points you are able to distribute or allocate to your stats. To do so click on the Use link beside your AP number. This brings you to a page that will tell you how many AP you have left to allocate, and offer a text box beside each stat. Simply type in the number of points that you want to put on it, and then click allocate. Once you do so the point will automatically be added to your stat. Below the AP you see your game stats. Strength is our character's basic brute force. Agility is speed. High agility can lead to multiple attacks each round in a battle. Defense is your ability to take damage. The higher your defense, the less health you lose per attack done to you. And wisdom. Wisdom is used in battles when you use your skills.
After the battle stats you have your member info. This basically tells you your game status, (Member, staff, admin...) and if you are a subscriber or not. If you are a subscriber, it will show you how many days are remaining to your subscription time.
After that is your public info. It shows your rank, (Same as your game status), the number of times you have logged into the game, your chosen e-mail address, and the yahoo, aim, and msn messengers that you have provided. (See account options).
And last but not least, you have your clan stats. If you are not in a clan it will simply say Clan: None. However if you are a clan member, it will show your clan rank, the name of your clan and the amount of gold, experience and platinum that you have donated to your clan. You will also see the amount of currency you have (Gold, platinum, bank, tokens, etc...)

In your inventory you can again see all of your in game currency. Your gold, bank, platinum, helix, token, burellia and alethite amounts.
Below that you will see a list of the items that you currently have equipped.  Beside each one is two links. One is to unequip, or remove the item so as to replace it with another, and the other is to view the item's info. This will show you it's class, (weapon, armor, shield, helmet, ring, pickaxe) any stat bonuses and it's weight. Below that is your unequipped items, the things you have on standby, then your food and drink items. These are used to refill a certain amount of either health or energy. And lastly you have your other items. Generally the pickaxes you have for mining are found here. 

This section is basically your records. It shows you trades that are made with you, battles, if your outpost has been attacked, if you are added or removed from someone's contact list, etc.... It's an excellent way to know what has gone on while you were offline. You can view them in 4 ways. ALL shows you all of your logs. IMPORTANT shows you those that are usually including ones that are sent by the game staff, BATTLE will show you only your battle logs, and OUTPOST will show you only your outpost logs. You will also have checkboxes beside each log and a delete link. To delete only that one log, just click the delete link. To delete only a few of the logs, click on the checkboxes of those you want to erase, then click the delete selected button, or to delete all your logs, just click the delete all button.

This is going to be an extremely long chapter divided into several sections.
Upper Ven
See upper ven chapter.
Training Facility
This is where you go to train your stats. (Strength, agility, defense and wisdom). Each person is given 15 training turns every reset. So once daily. Simply chose the stat you wish to work on from the dropdown box, then click the train button. It will show you how may turns you have left to train that day, and how many points in that stat you have earned. The number will start around 0.1 and will slowly decrease as your stat reaches the maximum for that stat at your level. This takes quite a while of training that stat, so don't worry about that too much. When you are finished, click the exit link and it will return you to the Westland.
This is a side game in dark warriors. Here you can battle other people's outposts for tokens. Tokens can be used to buy food and drinks. You have 5 options in the main outpost menu. I suggest you start by reading the outpost guide. After that you have My Outpost. This will show you your outpost size (level), how many outpost attack or mine turns you have remaining, your current amount of tokens, and your current amounts of troops (attack strength) and barricades (defense). To return to the outpost menu, just click the menu link. 
Next you have the Mines. You can buy mines in which you can dig for tokens. Note that you do get more tokens from battling outposts than in the mines. You will be given the option to buy a mine, and it will show you the cost for one. (This increases the more you level.) And the second option is to go mining. Just click the link and it will show you how many tokens you gained.
Now we have the outpost shop. This is where you can buy levels, troops and barricades. Beside each on the cost for it will be listed. Just click on the name of what you want to buy with your tokens and it will be purchased. Note though that your troops and barricades cannot go higher than 10 times your outpost size (level).
The last link in the menu is list outposts. Here you can see every outpost in the game. It will show them by size. Next to the size is the name of the owner, and an attack button. To attack their outpost, just click the button. It will show you the force you attacked with, the force they defended with and tell you if you won or lost. If you won it will say how many tokens you won, if you lost it will say how many tokens you lost. 
Chamber Of Wisdom
This is where you can buy skills. You can only buy those that are in your class. We've already covered the skills configuration in the account options chapter, so we'll skip it here. Just click on the view skills on offer link. This will automatically show you the skills for your class. You can view those of the other classes by clicking on the class at the top. It will show you the names of the skills, (If you hover the mouse over it, it will tell you what the skill does), what class it's for, the level you need to be to use it, how much platinum it costs to buy it, and an option to view the skills details. This will show you the name of the skill, a brief description of it's bonus, how much wisdom it costs each time you use it, the minimum level you need to be to use it and it's cost. Note that the wisdom cost is for each time you use it in battle. If it costs 3 wisdom and your total wisdom is 30 you can use that skill 10 times in one battle. 
Weapons Shop
This is where you can buy and sell weapons. Click the buy link and you be shown a list of every weapon in the game, it's power boost (This is not a strength boost, but an attack boost), the amount of gold it will cost, the level you need to be to use it and the option to buy it. Note you cannot buy weapons that you cannot use. If you are not a high enough level it will not allow you to purchase the weapon. 
To sell weapons, click the sell link. It will automatically list all of your unequipped weapons and how much gold you will gain from selling it. To sell it just click the sell link. The gold will be put right into your hand, not your bank. 
Armor Shop, Shield Shop, Helmet Shop, Helmet Shop, Ring Shop
These all work exactly the same way as the weapons shop. 
Polling Station
This is where the game staff can get your opinion on certain updates to the game through a vote. Each account can only vote once per poll. Simply click in the small white button beside the choice you want, then the submit button. Your vote has now been counted. You can view the current results of the poll by clicking the results link. It will bring up the results under the question, the answers will also be there still. It will tell you what percentage of the people voted for each. At the bottom of the screen you can see how many people have voted on this subject already.
This is where the game staff can leave information on important events in the game. Also if ever there are any problems, (i.e.. failed revive, bug abuse, etc...) you will find some of the details here.
News Station
Please see the section on the main game page / current news page.
Referral Shop
This is where you can use your referral points. You gain referral points when people sign up for the game and give your ID number as a referral ID. At the top of the screen it will tell you how many points (refs) you currently have. Below that are the listed items that you can purchase with them. It will give you the name of the item, the stat bonus it provides, the cost (how many points you need to purchase the item), what your minimum level must be to have the item, and a buy option beside it. To purchase the item, click the buy link. 
Referral Help
This is where you can find a banner or a link with your ID number already included in it. This means if you have a friend who wants to sign up, supply them with this link to the sign up page, and when they use it to get an account on dark warriors, you will get the referral point for it.
Gift Subscription
Here you can buy sub time for a friend. Just enter their ID number, then click submit. Then it will ask you which sub time package you want to buy them. Click on the one you want to purchase. It will also tell you at the bottom of the screen the name of the person you are buying it for. You will now get a link to paypal to pay for the sub time. Just click that link and follow the paypal instructions.
Fishing Shack
Currently under review
Here you can buy custom weapons and armor, helmets and shields. You will not be able to have these until level 30. At level 30 you will have the option to create new custom equipment. Simply click on the create link, and it will bring you to a page that will calculate the cost of the new gear for you. Chose in the dropdown box which item you want, (i.e.. weapon, armor...) give it a name if you like, and the amount of power you want it to have. (You will see the max amount of possible power above, this is dependant on your level). Once you have filled in this information, just click the calculate button, it will now show you the name of the item, the item type, the power of it, the amount of platinum you'll need, the gold cost and text boxes beside the burellia and alethite. In the text at the top of the page it will say how many smithing points you will need. Smithing points is ore. Say you need 20 smithing points. Now let's say you have 5 athelite, and 10 burellia. You have enough points right there. Your alethite is worth two smithing points each, and your burellia is worth 1 smithing point each. Once you have decided how you are going to pay for the item, just click the create button to have your custom item made for you. Just be sure to equip it in your inventory!
You also have the option to modify or upgrade your custom gear at any time. To do so, click on the modify equipment link in the blacksmith main page. It will show you a list of all your custom gear. Beside each one you will have the choice to either upgrade or rename it. To rename gear it will cost you in gold. To upgrade it will cost you platinum, and ore. To see how much you will need, simply click the upgrade link beside the item. Enter the number of power that you want to add, (make sure it isn't higher than what you are allowed to, which you can find in the text above it.), then click the calculate button. From here it is the same as when creating new gear.
Slated Hut
At the moment this is used to reimburse you for the boats and rods you had bought with the old fishing that was in the game. The old gear is not useable with the new fishing system, and this is here so that you can get back that bunch of money that you had previously paid out. If you have a new account this is of no use to you as the fishing was changed some time ago.
Clan Center
Here is where you can see the info on the clans in the game. You will have a few options here. The first, if you are in a clan is to go to your clan, which brings you to your main clan page, explained later on. The second is to buy a clan, which will not even be a link unless you meet the requirements. You have the option to view the clan list. This will show you a list of all the clans in the game. They will be listed by level. You will see the name of the clan, their level, the amount of members they have, the clan owner's name and an option beside it. Some will have a join link, which means you are able to just join the clan, an apply link, which means you can apply for the clan, but they may refuse it, or no link at all. If there is no link it usually means that they are not accepting applications, that the clan is invite only or that you must mail the owner. If you click on the name of the clan, you will see a brief message left by the owner, the staff of the clan and an option to see which members they have. 
Clock Tower
This section shows you all of the game times. It gives you all the information on game resets, revives, potions and mining resets and all of the game stats (i.e. total players, total gold, platinum etc...)
Post Office
See mail chapter.
Here you can see every single member of dark warriors listed in descending order by ID number.
Wall Of Fame
Here is the lists of the top five players for each of 12 things. The players with the highest levels, most referrals, most wins, most losses, most gold, most platinum, most strength, most agility, most defense, most wisdom, most max health and most max energy. If you work hard and hit alot of revives, you can make it onto this list. Best of luck!
Jail House
Here is where you are able to see everyone who has been jailed, why they have been jailed, who jailed them, and how long they are jailed for. Check this from time to time to know what will get you jailed, so you can avoid doing it and enjoy your game time without hindrance. When you are jailed you are not able to do anything in the game. 
Subscription Office
Here you can see all of the sub time perks and what they do. You can also buy sub time. (See gift subscription, it is the same.)
Trade Center
Here you can check trades that have been made with you, trades you have made with others, or you can make new trades. To make a trade, simply enter the ID number of the person in the text box. Be careful though there are two boxes. The first is to give something to another player. If you chose this option you will not get anything in return. Either one you chose will give you a couple options. You can either send an item, gold, platinum, etc... Just click the small white circle beside the one you wish to send, then the amount or the item (From a dropdown box) and click give. For a trade however, you will also have to chose what you are getting in return before clicking the trade button. It works the same as the give options. 
Item Market
This is where you can sell items to other players. You can sell old weapons, armor, etc... anytime you are finished with it. If you have anything that is unequipped or is not in use you will have 4 options here. Your first is to view the market. If you are looking to buy cheaper than retail weapons and items, just click on the Market link. Once you are in the market, you can see everything that is for sale in a long list. If you would like to see a certain type of item only, just use the filter links along the top. There are weapons, armor, shields, helmets, rings, food, drinks, and other items. Simply click on the text link of the one you would like to see and it will remove any of the others that are in the list. (i.e., click weapons, and the list will contain only weapons that are for sale). The way everything is listed is similar to the weapon shop etc... You will see the name of the item, the minimum level needed to use it, the amount that the person is asking for it, the price it goes for in the shops when you buy the item new, the name of the person selling it, their ID number (text link to their public profile), and again the text link buy option. Just click buy and the item is yours.
The second option you have in the main item shop menu is Add Listing. This is where you are able to sell one of your extra items. Just click the add listing text link and you will be brought to a page with a dropdown menu and a text box. Simply chose the item from the dropdown that you would like to sell, and in the text box enter the amount of gold that you are selling it for. Once you've done that, just click the ADD button at the bottom of the screen. 
After that you have the option to view your current listings. This means you can see the things that you have up for sale. This is an easy way to keep track of the items you haven't sold yet. If you have none, it will just say that you have no listings and give you a link back to the menu. However, if you do have stuff for sale, you'll see the name, the price you're asking, the retail value of the item, and two text links. The first is remove. This will take it out of the market listings. It will no longer be for sale. The other is reprice. This will give you the option to change the price you are asking for it. Clicking this will show you the item name, the retail value of the item, and will give you the text box again that has the current price you're selling the item for, then, to change the price, just erase the current one, then type in whatever you would like to change it to, click the change button and you're all set.
The last option is to remove all listings. Just click the link and it will take off every listing you have. 
Ore Market
This is very similar to the item market, save that the options are double. You will have all the options for burellia, and again for alethite. Though each option does work the same as in the item market.
Helix Market
See item market section. 
Platinum Market
Please read item market section.
Platinum shop
Here is where you can sell buy platinum in exchange for gold, and also can change your platinum into tokens. The platinum price is not fixed and can change randomly at any time. You will always get 100 tokens for 1 platinum. To either buy platinum or to change it into tokens, just enter the platinum amount into the textbox and click the button beside it to complete the transaction.
Here you will have the chance to play either slots or blackjack. 
To play blackjack, click on the blackjack text link. You'll see a small text box at the bottom. This is where you enter the amount of gold you would like to bet. Once you do this, just click the bet button. Now you will see your bet, your dealer's upside cards, your cards and your total points. You have the choice to click either the hit text link or the stand text link. It will then tell you your total, the dealer's total, and who won or lost.
To play the slots, click the slots text link. You'll see the bet box again. Enter the bet amount, then click the spin button. You'll now see what showed up on the machine, and if you won or lost.
Grady's Shack
This is where you are able to put out a hit on someone or to spy on them. Basically, by paying 1000 gold, you are able to have them killed by whatever weapon you chose to enter into the text box (i.e.. turkey drumstick, baseball bat, etc...), and with any message you wish to send them (i.e.. stop stealing my gold, hehehe, etc...). You'll also have the option to spy on people. By doing so, you can see things like their stats, their gold amount, platinum, etc... that you wouldn't normally see by viewing their public account profile. 
Player Search
If you find someone, this is where you do it. Simply enter their ID number into the text box and click search or you can even enter their name in and select User from the dropdown box, then click search. Everyone and anyone can be found in the game from here.
Great Hall
If you're wondering who the game's staff are, just go to the great hall. It has all of the staff members separated into their positions. The names are text links to their public profiles. I'll include a screenshot here for you, just so you can start out knowing who can answer your questions and give you a hand if you need it.
IRC is a chat applet. It's an off the site chat for the game's members. It's usually very populated during downtime and tends to be used for meetings and such. 
The Forest / Dark Forest
This is where you can go to use your energy. When you click on the forest link, you are taken into a forest area and as you go though it by clicking the text links, you'll have random battles with NPC characters, collect gold, gain experience, and find platinum. This forest however is just for those who are beginning. Once you hit level 14 or 15, you will not gain nearly as much experience. At that point you can go into the dark forest. It is the same thing, except with higher level monsters. Don't worry though the monsters will always be within your level range. 
The Lumber Mill
Here you can use your energy and simply gain gold with it. If you aren't looking to level right away, but are in need of gold, do into the lumber mill. You will be given 60 gold for every 2 energy you use in there. Simply click on the work text link until it tells you that you are out of energy and can't work anymore.
The Old Shack
This is where you can take part in a good old fashioned game of hangman. You pay 30 gold to play it, if you lose you lose your 30 gold, if you win you gain an extra 30 gold in total.
The Mines
Here is where you can mine for your ore. Just be sure to have a pickaxe from the mining shop. Go into the mining level of your choice and click the directional buttons until your 60 energy is used. Once it is you will be brought back to the surface (the main mining menu). As you go through the mine, you'll some across a dig option. To get ore, just click the dig link in the text. You might not gain the ore the first time and you'll more than likely need to dig more than once in each spot. 
The Mining Shop
You'll need a pickaxe to mine for ore. Just go into the shop, it works the same way as the other shops (See weapon shop section) save that the level you need to use the pickaxe is not your normal level, but your mining level. But again, you'll have the buy equipment link, the sell equipment link and the exit link. For more explanation on those, just check out the weapon shop section.
Southgate is where you can buy very expensive special items. They are listed as text links with a brief description. To buy one of these, just click the name of the item, if you cannot afford it will tell you, if you can, you can purchase it.
The Helix Mines
This is where you go to use your helixes if you have any.
After the main page dialogue, go into the helix works. He it will tell you how many helix you currently have, and that you can only use one at a time. You'll then have two text links, yes or no thanks. No thanks will bring you to a page with a text link to the Westland, if you click yes, who knows what could happen. Helix is very iffy. It could do great things, or it could do something's you might not like. It's a risk to use it, but the benefits can be great. 
Online Store
This link will bring you to the Dark Warriors online store. Here you can buy several items bearing the dark warriors logo.
Currently under review

This is where you can battle fellow dark warriors members. You have several ways to look up opponents. (Take note that there is a battle restriction. You cannot battle someone who is more than 15 levels lower than you.)
The first way that you can find members to battle is by entering their name into the text box and click the search button. It will show you all of the names that are similar to the one your searched for. Just click the attack link beside their name and you'll be shown the battle step by step. 
You can create your own custom search as well. To do this click on the create custom search link. You'll be brought to the page with the custom options. You can use anyone of these filter choices or a combination of them. There are small white check boxes, you can chose more than one of these. The ones with the small white circles however, allow you to only chose one. Now, let's create a custom search. First off, I don't want anyone more that 10 levels below me. I'm level 51, so, let's set it to the minimum level of 41. Now, I know I can't beat anyone over level 68. So, let's set the maximum level to 68. Click both of those checkboxes. Also, I don't want it to bother listing anyone in my clan, so let's set it to Is not in my clan. Just click the small white circle beside it. I definitely don't want to see anyone who is not currently alive. Can't kill the dead and all, so let's click that checkbox too. I know I can't attack people that are in jail, so we'll click the checkbox beside the must not be in jail part so that they aren't in the list. I'd like to see them listed in descending order by level, (highest to lowest levels). Just chose the option in the dropdown boxes and click the checkbox beside that too. I want to use this search again, so let's click the drop box beside the save this search option. Heh, all done, so let's click the search button and see our list. Perfect. Now all you have to do is click the attack link beside the name of the person to attack them and view the battle.
Repeat last saved search. This allows you to use the last custom search you saved in the upper ven area. To make and save a custom search, read the above paragraph. 
You can have the people listed by level. This will list every single member from highest level to lowest level that is within your range. Up to 50 dark warriors members. 
You can see the members at your level that are alive. It will show 50 of the people close to your level that are alive at this moment.
To see the fist 50 people above your level (with a higher level than you) that are alive, just click the Show all alive players above my level link. 
And the last option you have in the Ven is to view a list of all the players who are alive and around your level.

This is where you can go to heal yourself. It will cost you gold based on your level. The higher your level the more it will cost. If you are a member of a clan, most of them offer free healing. In either case, just click the Wizard Ruben button on the side menu and then you will be brought to him. If you do not need healing, he won't give you any options and politely ask you to leave. However, if you do need to be healed, you will have a text link heal option. Click this button and the gold will be taken from your hand and your health will be restored, or for clan members, you will be healed. In either case it is a full heath regeneration. 

As a clan member, you can access your main clan page from here. On the main page you will see your clan name, and a banner if they have it. After that there will be some messages from the clan owner or co-owner, the public message (the one in the clan center) and a private message that only the members can see.  Below that you will have your clan's stats. The names of the staff members (again they are text links to their public profiles), the number of members in the clan, the clan's tag (the letters that appear beside the person's name in the players online list or the chat), the amount of gold and platinum that the clan has, the clan's level, the clan's experience (same as you would see your experience on the sidebar of every window), the clan's experience and gold taxes (these are set up as a mandatory due to be paid to the clan. It is automatically debited from every battle you have in a percentage of what you gain), how many battles your clan has won and lost this month, and the amount of days that are left on the healing pass (This is what gets you free healing).
After that you have the latest news. This is basically a log of what people have done regarding the clan, when they join, when they quit and when they donate gold or platinum. It will only show a certain amount of actions, if you want to see more of them, just click the more text link.
You'll also have some text link options there. View members will show you a list of every member of your clan. View ranks will show you every member of your clan divided into their ranks. Ranks are numbered levels that you gain in your clan dependent on certain things. Some clans base the ranks on donations of gold, experience, platinum, number of posts, length of time in the clan, etc... every clan is different. You can also access your clan forums from here by clicking the clan forums text link. You'll also see a link to a clan game. In this game you buy a number in order to stand a chance to win a gold prize. Once all the numbers have been bought, the clan owner or co owner will then set it to chose a random number. If your number is picked you'll get a prize of 10,000 gold. You can view loans. Meaning that you can see who has taken gold or platinum loans out from the clan. If you need a loan from your clan, you can check out your clan forums and messages on the main clan page to see who takes care of the loans. Usually it's the clan's finance officer, but sometimes you'll need to speak to someone else regarding it. You also have a donate option. This is where you can give gold or platinum to your clan. Some clans do not have mandatory taxes and the only way they gain gold or platinum is by donations from their members. Enter the amount you want to donate into the textbox, then select from the dropdown box weather it is gold or platinum that you want to give, then click the donate button. The quit option is what you can use if you want to leave your clan, although if you have an invitation already to a clan that you would like to join, just accepting the invite in your logs will remove you from your current clan and put you into the other one automatically. Note that you cannot be in more than one clan at a time. 

This is where you can deposit your gold and withdraw it. It helps to deposit large amounts of gold instead of leaving it in your hand. It cannot be stolen from you in a battle if it is in the bank. To deposit gold all you need to do is enter the amount of gold that you would like to transfer from your hand to the bank in the deposit text box, then click the deposit button. It will tell you that you have deposited X amount of gold into your account. Don't worry if it doesn't show up right away. That is why there is a refresh text link beside that. If you refresh it with that link it will show you the new amount you have in the bank. To withdraw money it works the same but with the withdraw textbox and button. On another note, it will also have automatically have the amount in your hand listed in the deposit box, and the amount in your bank in the withdraw box.