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Subject: Darggie's Farewell, the burning of the Tavern
Today Darggie's tavern was closed all day, and no light was seen inside. As the light outside became darkness, the day became evening. Darggie opened the tavern doors and stepped outside.

Looking up
Its also time, Darggie says to himself.

Draws from a sheath on his back, his trusted blade and companion, Gram. From a second sheath he draws a blade not seen in this land for a long while, "Huffy Blade" The blade of a long departed friend, Alexia_huff. Taking both blades, he jabs them into ground forming an x in front of him.
Turning around, Darggie takes one last long look at the wonderful tavern, then snaps his fingers. Suddenly a small explosion and a roar fire erupt inside, the smoke can be seen against the darkening sky from all around, and most if not all probably heard the sound.
Darggie turns around and waits as people show up to see what is happening

Everyone of Westland, Friends, Family, I... I am leaving Westland.
I leave behind my legacy and the memory of me in all of you. To those who knew me well, I leave behind these things.

Darggie starts handing out a few things

To Nadia, the bracer with Darggie's family crest, the dragon. (More specific details, the Dragon symbol is lined with garnet gems, and is nearly indestructible due to a thin diamond coating)

To Gher, the rights to my share of the family fortune.

To Whisky, there is nothing my brother, that I can offer you that you need to remember me by. We spared much when we were younger, and I hope the memories serve you as well as they have me.

To Anathema, I have only known you a short time, we drank together, and had a few fun times, and now a bottle of Absinthe to fill the gift you have already received.

To Schyer, a bottle of white Russian I made this afternoon.

To hunger, Hugs and Wub

Hina my niece, a bracelet of sapphire gems.

If I forgot someone... please don't be mad...

Farewell all, with that, Darggie stands up and draws His and Alexia's blade out of the ground and walks towards the woods where a huge wolf silhouette stands against the fading light. Together Darggie and the wolf leave Westland

-ooc- P.S. I'm not leaving Dark Warriors! Just retiring this Role Playing character

Time Posted: May 13 2010 03:33 pm EDT
Last updated: May 28 2010 06:45 am EDT


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