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Subject: The last Centaur
Ok, steals Rogue's book and tears a page from it I'm taking a page from Rogue's book and starting up a RPG. Anyone is welcome to join, I'm not very picky in who RPs with me If you are playing as someone Ainfean has already met in the chat it's your choice if you know her or not.

Just keep the posts where they belong please

And just so we are all on the same page

Ainfean is currently on the war path and intends to kill the decendants of the first settlers in the Vodiea lands (where ever the Inn is). And by "settlers" I don't mean just the desenantds of those that killed her heard, I mean EVERYONE in the area. The only ones that are safe are Arelians, and members of Liani's kingdom. In short, Rogue's characters, Twili, Kila, Havenn. Everone else she intends to put in to a pine box six feet under

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Time Posted: April 23 2010 10:53 am EDT
Last updated: June 13 2010 12:10 pm EDT

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