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Subject: Scabernac - Part I
Silence... The twilight is always the most peaceful in these times of war. The entire land has been under siege by outlanders that want more space for the cattle and the resources granted this great place of wonder.

A twig snaps and a town watchman falls to the ground dead... The twilight is also a perfect time for a raid...

Within seconds of the outlanders sneaking into the village, all hell breaks loose as fires are set and mothers try to hide their children in vain. The outlanders kill everything in sight without mercy.

One barbarian raises his axe up high, ready to bring it down on a woman with her baby in her arms. Just as the smelly man begins to bring his axe down when he stops with a shocked look in bloodshot eyes. Sticking out of the mans chest is about two feet of steel, seemingly glowing an odd silvery blue colour in the flames. The barbarian drops to his knees and pitches forward to reveal the mysterious swordsman behind him as his axe clatters loudly to the cobblestones.

The swordsman wrenches his blade from the dying man and turns as he is surrounded by the barbarians comrades. Before they can close in the swordsman begins to move around the circle with tremendous speed, picking off the assailants one or two at a time with perfect form. Within a minute the entire raiding party rests in its own blood.

Without a word, the swordsman grounds his blood soaked sword and quickly finds a bucket and joins the fire lines. After a couple of hours of hard work by all involved, the fires are extinguished and the bodies of the raiding party are buried outside the town walls. Still having not said a single word, the swordsman retrieves his blade and makes ready to leave as the sun rises, when he is approached by the village's mayor.

"Who are you? You defeated all those men by yourself and still had the humility to work with the poorest of the poor after wards."

Spoken so softly that the mayor had to learn closer, the swordsman replies. "I have been called many things through the ages, but you and your people may call me Scabernac. The old ones chose me to watch after this place."

Before the mayor could say more, Scabernac rests his sword on his shoulders and moves off down a winding path towards the mountains......

Time Posted: February 25 2009 01:16 pm EST
Last updated: June 15 2010 01:20 am EDT


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