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Subject: Role Play Common Sense
I'm a bit surprised that this kind of post needs to be added here, cause you know its basic common sense. But might as well add it for those that are new or have absolutely no idea on what they're doing.

NOTE: Now mind you, these aren't really rules, just common sense to help you avoid stepping on anyone's toes and well being pwned in RP.

~ 1 Please, please, for the love of all RP... do not assume someone you never rped with is in your rp because they pop into the chat. That's a no no. Why? Well there's only one RP chat and a millions places their character could be. So just cause some people are in the chat doesn't always mean they're in the same rp as you.

~ 2 Under no circumstances should anyone barge into another's RP to 'save the day' without permission of the one that made the rp. Okay? That's just rude and asking for a tongue lashing from other players. If you're not in the rp then do NOT interfere. Rule or not, its common sense.

~ 3 Don't beg to be part of the rp... it's just annoying. If you ask and don't answer you right away, then it's one they're ignoring you or two they're typing their posts for their rp and if you just wait they may answer. But if they say no, then please don't whine about it. That makes you lose points in respect.

~ 4 Since its your rp, you can be detailed as you like or vague. But if you're going to be detailed in gory death scenes... don't be that detailed. As cool as it would be... it will disturb the other players. As well as not want to RP with you for those gory details. So be careful.

~ 5 Under NO circumstances (as a god, entity, deity or what the hell ever) should anyone else change or control another player's character. NEVER do this. Why? It's rude, its godmoding and its a pain in the freakin' ass. Unless you have the other player's permission to change their character or control them and even then, you better be very careful because its still NOT your character. {I'm sorry, for leaving that out, I had completely forgotten all about it.}

~ 6 Please, for the sake of the game... Please don't have any nude or near nude characters run about. Whether living in the forest, in a cave or under a damn rock, have the decency to keep your characters covered in the important areas. Even the wild girls wear a top and small skirt made from animal skins as clothes. Besides, there's little kids playing this game, don't need a lawsuit because a mom looked over her kids' shoulders and sees someone roleplay a near naked person. Keep that in mind.

~ 7 Okay, we obviously need to do something with the over done OOCing... How about this... if it really has nothing to do with RP try to keep it out of RP Chat. Or say what you need in a little post then leave it alone, if someone needs to ask more about it, then you can mail them more about it or use the chat bar. And yes, I'm also talking to the other RPers that ooc a lot. If its a private thing then I'm dead serious on keeping it out of RP chat all together, we all don't need to know about it and RP Chat isn't a second Local Chat.
If it happens to do something with your characters, rp or what rp you want to do. That's fine, but if there's another rp going try to keep it as simple and to the point as possible to lessen the overflow of OOCing.

~ 8 This goes strongly with Common Sense 2. I don't care, okay? No one freaking cares that you're dying to RP with them. IF YOU DIDN'T ASK TO BE PART OF THEIR RP, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE OTHER PERSON(S)' RP! Do NOT intefere, wiggle, or cry your way in. That is rude. If you're not allowed in by more than one (depending on big the group is within their story), then please accept it and don't pressure anyone.

~ 9 Random is fine, fun. So are plot twists, who wouldn't like a good plot twist? Thing is... please try not to over do it. Its annoying. You can only do so much random and plot twisting before you just piss people off. If you joined another's rp, please bear in mind and regard their feelings before you start random shit. Over plot twisting (as in plot twist every freaking post you make) is considered by the more serious rpers as spam since its ripping apart an rp. And you will likely gain hatred and be kicked out of their story if you can't behave and control yourself. If you want to be comic relief, fine, just make sure and control your actions.

{more to come if it needs to be covered, and can also be covered by other players who have experience.}


Well, I hope that helps you. ^.^ Enjoy RP Chat.

Time Posted: November 27 2010 09:05 pm EST
Last updated: October 13 2011 06:42 pm EDT


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