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Subject: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most frequently asked questions. In this post is also used public information posted by other players so in a way You all have contributed to it. If you find anything incorrect or you want to add a question then post it here and I shall bring in the corrections. Hope this helps out

1. How do I play this game?
If you want to learn how to play, go to Forums > Game Help > Game Basics Guide by Celtica.
You should also read the Game Rules by Anonymous in Forum > Game Game Discussion
Try not to level. Unlike many other games in this game leveling might rather weaken your character. Find a good clan. Train twice a day in training facility and explore the Westland and forums. If you have any game questions feel free to come back here and a helper will answer them. Welcome to the game

2. How can I get more energy?
Energy will be replenished every hour for non subscribers, every half hour for subscribers. You can also buy food or drinks from the Food and Drink shop in Westland for tokens.

3. I am dead! How can I get my heath back?
Go to Wizard Ruben (located on the sidebar to your left) to heal. Note that many Clans provide a healing pass that allows you to heal for free.

4. What is ability?
Ability is used to raise players from the dead in the Dark Fortress (Westland) or to train the lumber mill level. At level two you will get 62 gold per 2 energy instead of 60 gold. The gain is not big but it does pay off in the longer run. If you have 10 ability points you can part the souls. When you part a players soul they cannot attack you until after the next reset. You can increase your maximum ability by using 50 sapphires in the Dark Fortress (+1 max ability) or you can increase it using real money during some of the special deals.

5. Where can I do quests?
To follow the beginner quest (Berlocks Quest) go to Westland > City Limits >Berlock
His quest does not have any reward but it is your chance to learn the game basics.
You can also visit the forests in Westland to do small quests to earn platinum and eventually visit the dark forest when strong enough.
However keep in mind that in forests you will gain experience and level faster. In this game it is better for your character if you stay longer on one level and raise your stats in the training facility.

6. What do I get when I finish Berlock quest?
Nothing. The quest is meant to show you around the game.

7. What is this scrap of paper I found in the dark forest?
The scrap of paper that everyone finds at some point in their DW adventures is an important piece of paper with a number on it. This piece of paper is used for stage 1 of the Red Lobster. Use it to get into the kitchen.
If you forget your number don't worry about it because you will find it in your logs. You may run across these papers a few times and thats going to happen until you actually use the number on the Red Lobster. If you have come across many numbers then the number you use for the Red Lobster is the most current number found.

8. How can I increase my max energy?
You can increase your max energy by finding magical springs in the Dark Forest which give you 1 max energy. You will be able to access Dark forest once you are level 10.
Or by getting 50 helix and making a helix charm at the HCC in Westland which gives you random 5 to 12 max energy.
Or you can get energy rings in the Ring Shop to increase your max energy, but only while you're wearing them.

9. Where can I get tokens?
Tokens can be obtained using two ways:
1) an outpost - by raiding weaker outposts or buying mines.
2) Trading platinum for tokens in the platinum shop (Westland)

10. What is camping?
Unlike in many other similar games in this game leveling is not so important. You can be low level and beat those many many levels above you. The key aspects of camping are:
- not gaining experience (achieved by setting experience tax in clan to 50%)
- training twice a day in the training facility, westland
- not going into forests
- not attacking other players/no upper ven
- building up your resources by mining, fishing, lumbering etc.
Camping will make you stronger in the longer run.

11. How to camp?
To start camping, join a clan. Set your clan experience tax to 50 by going to "Account" and then edit clan tax. This will help you stay low so you can train more before you level each time. Do not go to forest and upper ven and train twice a day in the Training Facility (Westland). Also fish, lumber and mine while camping to build up your resources.

12. How to change my experience tax/gold tax to the clan?
Go to account on the top banner, and from there go to "edit tax setting,"
Recommended is to change your exp to 50%. It will keep you from leveling fast.

13. Why are clans good?
Clans can provide free healing, free equipment, free training programs and they will defend you when you're getting attacked. Some clans give out loans to get you a better start in the game. Above all, a clan is like a family and they are a good way to meet and make new friends in the game.

14. How do I join a clan?
To join a clan, go to the "Clans" link on your left sidebar under "Wizard Ruben", and go to "Clan List". There you can find a list of clans and can click "Apply" or "Join". Clicking Apply can take awhile to be accepted, so if you want to join a clan instantly, you can click Join.
Please note that recruiting is not allowed in chats.

15. What should I look for in a clan?
Look if the clan has a free healing, if the owner and/or co owner are active members. Take the total number of clan members into consideration. You can also check the Clans place in the CBR (Clan Battle Rankings)

16. What is AP?
AP is Allocation Points. You can use them in your Overview on the left side of your screen. They add to your game stats like agility, strength, defense and wisdom, which you use in battle.

17. How can I get lots of gold?
Finances is critical to develop at an early stage. I know it will be hard. Best ways to earn gold are: lumber mill, trapping, selling ore, black jack, hangman and also selling platinum though going to forest is not advised.

18. Do I need a boat to fish?

19. How do I fish?
For fishing you will need a license. Berlock will give you your first license for free. You will also need a Row Boat (costs 50,000).

- Rowboat - Coord: x=26 y=2 d=3. Best equipment is: Long Rod, Normal Line, Small Hooks, Bread. You will catch Wrass. Each Wrass is worth 900 gold (about 4000 gold per reset).

- Long Boat - Coord: x=20 y=10 d=4 Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook and Sweet corn or Bollie (makes no difference). You will catch Perch worth 1,400 gold each

- War Ship - Coord: x=11 y=29 d=4 Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hooks, Meat. You will catch Puffer Fish worth 1,600 each.

20. How do I trap an animal?
To trap an animal go to Westland > Forest > Trapping. You can set one trap at a time and it may take 15 minutes to hours before you catch an animal. Good Luck!

21. What is Burelia and Alethite? Where can I find Ore?
Burelia and Alethite are the types of ore you mine from The Mines in Westland. These are used in outposts and also in the Blacksmith to create custom equipment and weapons for Level 30 and up.
You can also sell your ore at the Ore Market in Westland to increase your gold.

22. What are outposts?
- Outposts are used to get tokens to buy food/drinks to replenish health and energy. You get 10 outpost turns every hour.

- Place farms around the outpost building. Then fill all the rest of the sections with mines. Make sure to NOT level your outpost till all the mines and farms are made. When thats done, you can level it up a little bit and start buying guys.

- Defensive guys are better since they have a bigger shadow. You want 4 on the outpost itself, as well as two on each of the four sides. This will max it out and guys will only take 4 hrs to train. Then just start filling all the squares with defensive guys and u will get a massive return on tokens per hour.

23. Why do I need platinum
Platinum is used to purchase skills at the Chamber of Wisdom in Westland, to exchange for tokens to use at Outposts or in Food Shop in Westland, to make Stones at the Slated Hut, and to get custom equipment at the Blacksmith in Westland (level 30 and up). They can also be sold for gold at the platinum market and u can donate them to your clan in order to provide free healing.

24. Where can I get platinum?
You can get platinum from the forest (when u complete a quest), or from the dark forest and also from the platinum market in Westland. You can also purchase platinum for real money in Stone Hut.

25. Why do I need helix?
There are three ways to use helix:
1) in helix mines to restore energy(pointless if you dont have a lot of MAX energy),
2) for 50 helix you can get a random boost of max energy (5-12),
3) you can sell helix for gold in helix market (westland)

26. Where can I get helix?
Here are 6 ways to obtain helix:
1) Normal subscription gives you 1 helix per day and ultra 2 helix per day,
2) In helix market for gold,
3) Winning Hi Lo Game in local chat
4) In stone hut for real money
5) Loligo Caves (have to finish Red Lobster first) - Rare to find.
6) Beating Troll in Red Lobster

27. Why do I need sapphires?
You can use sapphires:
1) For 50 sapphires you can increase your AP (random 50-135 AP),
2) In Shadow Castle you can reset gym trains, fishing casts, outpost turns, change your class or claim a year subscription
3) In Dark Fortress you can increase your ability
4) You can buy very powerful sapphire skills in Devious ridge,
5) You can get Serfs in Serf Market
6) Sell them for gold in Sapphire Market

28. Where can I get sapphires?
You can get sapphires from:
1) Ultra subscription gives you 1 sapphire per day,
2) Buy for gold in Sapphire market
3) winning Hi Lo game in local chat
4) Buy for real money in stone hut
5) Winning Jousting Barracks or Chat quiz (have to be a normal subscriber to enter these)

29. What are elements and where can I get them?
The purpose of elements is to redeem them at the Alter of Elements to either go up one (1) level or to go down one (1) level.
You can obtain elements by:
1) buying them for gold in element market,
2) buying them for real money in Stone Hut,
3) Forging an element for 7500 platinum in Shadow Castle

30. Do I need to pay to play this game?
No, you can play this game for free but paying for the game will give you a nice advantage.

31. Where can I subscribe to the game?
Go Westland>City Centre> Subscription Office (30 days Subscription is $4.95) or Westland>Shopping District>Stone Hut

32. What does a subscriber get?
A Subscriber will get:
- 30 minute revives instead of hourly,
- 1 free daily helix,
- the ability to create your own clan,
- free waterfall revives,
- the ability to fully customize the unique style and look of your gaming experience,
- add music and pictures to your player profile,
- gain access to the subscriber forums
- and the full list of in-game codes.
- you will be able to cast 20 casts at a time while fishing
For more options go to Westland > City Centre > Subscription Office

33. What does an ultra subscriber get?
An Ultra Subscriber will get:
- a daily addition of a sapphire,
- a helix every reset
- 2 platinum every reset
- you also get access to 20 trains at the gym instead of just 15,
- players will not be able to spy on your character or grady you,
- you will also be able to turn on the auto heal feature.
- A cool green icon for your profile and you get a unique dark green chat color.
- You will be able to "jump" docks in fishing. This way you will get to the needed coordinates faster.
For more options go to Westland > City Centre > Subscription Office

34. What do the colors of the names mean in chat?
Gray name = non subscriber;
white name = normal subscriber;
dark green name = ultra subscriber;
bright green and underlined name = Edgar's sword;
purple name = high Council member;
orange name = helper;
blue name = staff;
yellow name = admin;
red name = head admin/developers.

35. How can I delete my account?
You cant delete your account, just leave your account and dont login anymore if you decided to quit the game.

36. Can I have more than one account?
No, only one account per player is allowed. Any more accounts are counted as multi accounts and are punishable. Multi accounts are against the game rules. You can find the game rules in game discussion forum posted by Anonymous.

37. What if more than one person plays from the same connection/computer?
They can play, however they must not transfer anything by any means. Nor should they play for each other. Not doing so will result in punishment. Notify a staff member upon registration if more than one person plays from the same connection.

38. What is High Council?
HIGH COUNCIL members have no technical power, which means that they can't change things in the game. There whole power is that Feltash listens to their ideas about the game more than normal players. They also have their own message board that only they can post on. They are listed in the chats and forums as a deep purple color. They are also listed in the Great Hall, should you need to contact them.

39. What is karma?
Karma is used to rate players posts whatever it may be. If you like the post, players should receive +1 Karma, if you dislike the post, players should receive -1 Karma. Each hour a player receives 2 Karma that he can use on anybody, Karma is not stackable, that is, if you don't use your 2 Karma one hour, then the next hour you will NOT have 4 Karma, you will still have 2.

40. What are the fish prices?
1 Minnow 100 5 EXP
2 Sucker 200 10 EXP
3 Shiner 300 15 EXP
4 Trout 400 20 EXP
5 Salmon 500 30 EXP
6 SeaHorse 600 35 EXP
7 Snapper 700 40 EXP
8 Parrot Fish 800 45 EXP
9 Wrass 900 50 EXP
10 FlatFish 1,000 55 EXP
11 Darter 1,200 75 EXP
12 Sculpin 1,300 90 EXP
13 Perch 1,400 100 EXP
14 Eel 1,600 125 EXP
15 Stickleback 1,500 150 EXP
16 Puffer Fish 1,600 175 EXP
17 Grunt 1,700 200 EXP
18 AngelFish 1,800 475 EXP
19 Skate 1,900 300 EXP
20 Shark 2,000 500 EXP

41. How to create a family?
First you need to date another player for 60 days. After that you will be able to marry and add other players under costume names ("Beloved Son" "Cookie Monster" etc.) to your family.

42. Whos that grumpy one with a yellow name?
Oh, thats just Whisky. He is old.

43. Why shouldnt I level up fast?
Because you want to have higher stats than other players of the same level. You can achieve that by either buying AP for real money or camping longer on one level and raising your stats in the training facility. The longer you camp the better you are compared to others. Also often clans dont want new players who are above level 30 because once you are above that level you arent able to kill anyone below it.

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