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Subject: Special Rare Rings Reference
I was just curious as to what all of those special rings from the Stone Hut did. Simply becuase a lot of players are making huge gold off of them and selling them lately. Im just curious about the ones in the item shop. There is no description next to them...

Stone Hut Rings:
Ring of Acantha + 90 Wisdom
Ring of Delton +100 Agility
Ring of Saturna + 100 Agility
Ring of Trialga 90 Strength
Ring of the Porcelain God _150 Defense
Gilded ring + 90 Agility

Custom Rings:
Ring of Binge Drinking - +150 Agility
Ring of the Porcelain God - +150 Defense
Mixing of the Grape and Grain - +150 Strength
Ring of Conquer - +150 Agility

any others? Ill list them here as you add them .

Time Posted: August 22 2009 12:45 pm EDT
Last updated: October 15 2009 10:25 am EDT


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