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Subject: Extra Chat Codes Guide
Just so you know this is just as helps, there is a a rules area if you go back one step, back to game helps

[i] italic [/i]

[b] bold [/b]

[u] underline [/u]

[s] srtike through [/s]

[blue] blue [/blue]

[red] red [/red]

[yellow] yellow [/yellow]

[green] green [/green]

[english] posts "speak English" Emote [last i checked only subbies]

[thanks] posts "thanks" Emote

!BEER! posts the "give me beer" Emote

[dance] makes scrolling chat for ultras [/dance]

if you type /me then something ... you will get something like this
*Lionz goes to chat and drinks her drink*
of corse your name will be there instead of mine

Regarding bar
to leave a tip
/tip xxx [providing the the amount of xxx is in your hand]

to give a drink
/drink xxx Drink-name [the xxx is the ID of the person you are giving a drink too, the Drink-name can be anything, providing it wont break any rules
for the list of differnt chat codes there is a link at the bottom of the chat that says chat codes

so have fun and be cool

Colorful names?

red= Developer
red= Head Admin
yellow= Administrator
Orange = Helpers
Dark Green = Ultra Subscribers
Light green = Edgers Sword

[Guide from Darth Leia from a sister OGN game]

Time Posted: August 18 2009 07:33 pm EDT
Last updated: August 16 2010 04:27 pm EDT


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