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Subject: Paypal guide
i recently got a few questions about how to buy stuff, subby,… without haveing a creditcard or american bankaccount.

therefor it seems interesting to me to write down here a little information about the use of paypal.

there are 2 possibilities ;

- with creditcard
- without creditcard

1) with creditcard

when you sign up for paypal you select your country and language after that you fill in your name, adress, phonenumber , securtycode,…

when that is done you will recieve a e-mail to confirm

after you have done that you select ; my account => profile => add creditcard

there you fill in your name , adress, creditcardtype (visa, master ), your card number and expire date and the verification number of your creditcard, when that is done you are ready to buy.

2) without creditcard

again after the regular sign up proces you go to ; my account => profile => add bankaccount

there you fill in your country, name, bank name (make sure that the bank name is correct spelled ) and your bankaccountnumber.

after that is done you go to ; my account => Top Up Account

there you see the account number of paypal where you have to write your amount of money to, there is also a ID number and that unique ID ensures that your funds are transferred to your PayPal account. Include the ID in the Notes or Memo section on the transfer form (your bank may use a different name for the section).

when you have don that it takes about 1-3 workdays before the money is on your paypal account, you will recieve a e-mail when your money is on your paypal account and then your ready to buy.

once your money is on the paypal account it will be in the valuta of your country, you do not need to transfer your money to USA dollar to buy stuff in the game, paypal does this automatic BUT it does is Handy to know how much exact you have on your account to spend !

make sure that your money is actually on your paypal account before you start buying to avoid any trouble.

now go spend some dollars and have fun

so that’s about it i guess, if you have any more questions be free to ask and remember ONLY the owner of the account can use it to buy on his own character.

Time Posted: July 11 2009 04:05 pm EDT
Last updated: November 22 2010 01:47 am EST


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