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Subject: Gold and How to get it
Right from the get go every player realizes the same thing, they need gold and lots of it. So here is a complete guide on how you can get some gold.

The Lumber Mill: The fastest and easiest way to earn some gold is the lumber mill. At the cost of 2 energy points you are given 60 gold coins, (working with only the base energy score of 30) thats a total of 900 gold per revive. Its not much but its a start. You can increase the amount of gold you receive for 2 energy from the lumber mill by training, this training uses up the 5 ability points that you are given every revive, after a while you'll gain a lumber mill level and will start to receive 62 gold for every 2 energy, not a big increase but it adds up in the end, you can continue training in the lumber mill to further increase the amount of gold you get per 2 enegy. This a slow process as revives are an hour apart but you dont have to wait for the revive to come around. You can replenish your energy by buying food/drink items in Westland with tokens, after replenishing your energy you can than return to the mill (for information on outposts please see my outpost guide "A Complete Guide to Outposts and How They Work" ). At some point your character level will reach a point where you can buy some useful rings (the gold and silver rings dont do anything so dont waste your money on them) certain rings increase your total energy and are well worth purchasing if you visit the lumber mill frequently, the extra energy allows you to do more mill work and thusly generate more gold per revive.

Working the markets: The buying and selling items in the various markets is also a good way to generate income if you know how to work them. The basic idea is buy low sell high, so, for example, if you see some ores being sold for 100 gold buy them up quick and sell them on the market for 200 gold (this is difficult to do as people will try to undersell you), as long as you sell the ores (or other items) at a higher price than what you paid for them you've turned a profit. This can be done with any of the markets (excluding the item market which is a special case and shall be explained later). You can also go work in the mines to collect ores for free (excluding the price of a pick axe) and sell them (or use them in your outpost). You can also collect gold and plats in the forest and dark forest which you can then sell on the plat market. You can also chose to take your plats to the plat shop and trade them in for tokens, 1 plat gains you 100 tokens, you can then use these tokens to buy food/drink items and return to the lumber mill. With current platinum prices its better to sell them in the plat market.

The Forests: As mentioned earlier you can find gold in the forests and plats as well which can be sold. You get the plats for completing quests. You can also find gold at random and it is also awarded to you when you win a battle.

Fishing/seafaring: Fishing/seafaring is an excellent way to earn gold (if you can figure out how to do it well) as you can sell the fish you catch to the fish monger. If you mange to catch a shark you can take it to the red lobster and use it to have your energy restored thus allowing you to return, once again, to the lumber mill. (For information on how to fish and how to get energy of of the sharks refer to the fishing/seafaring guide and the red lobster guide respectively).

Trapping: An often over looked method of obtaining gold trapping is ment more for new players. You simply walk around and place your trap somewhere, leave and return to the trapping area a short while later (i like to check in after each revive), walk around until you see the option to check your trap. If there is anything in your trap you shall take it and instantly leave the trapping area. You will then be given some gold in exchange for whatever you've caught, the gold recieved ranges from 1 gold to a little abouve 1 thouand gold. The animal that you find in your trap is random but you are more likely to get one that pays out a low amount over one that pays out a high amount, remember every coin counts so dont over look this.

Stealing: Yea know 'em, yea hate 'em, its the vennors. As you should know (and if you dont you will soon enough) if a player attacks and kills you you while you have gold in your hand they can and will steal some of it. When you enter the venn you can perform a custom search and will have the option to sort the list of targets by gold in hand either low to high or high to low, its up to you, but regardless these players are open to attack but generaly people kill them selves in the elite palace (or by attacking Feltash, which was more commonly practiced before the elite palace showed up] before taking any gold out of thier bank. Worry not as you can still get them, your ability points can also be used to conduct a SEANCE on dead players, bring them back to life and makeing them open to attack by you or anyone who beats you to the punch. You'll find that its common practice to watch the gold in hand high score list and then conduct a SEANCE on the dead players. This method of obtaining gold is risky and requires a lot of luck to pull off but it is done and often.

The Slated Hut and Dwellings: If you visit the Slated Hut in Westland you can purchase yourself a dwelling, but be warned purchasing a dwelling means that you can no longer buy plats in the platinum shop, you'll only be able to exchange them for tokens there. A fully upgraded dwelling earns you 1000 gold every single revive but it costs a couple million gold to fully upgrade it. In order to getgold from the dwelling you need stones, 1 stone costs 2 plats. Right now the lowest seen price for a single plat on average is 3500 gold, so its advisable not to invest in a dwelling until you have enough gold to upgrade your dwelling to the point where you will earn at least 600 gold per revive (the math behind it--- 1 costs 2 plats, at their lowest price 2 plats cost 7000 gold. 1 stone is removed from you dwelling at every reset, each reset is 12 hours apart...600 x 12 = 7200 gold, just enough to buy 2 plats at their lowest price) and trust me, it takes a lot of gold just to get to that point.

As it currently stand you can completely disregard the slatted hut. It currently costs more than 6000 gold per plat in the plat market, if you sell two plats you will have made more money then you could by investing them in the hut. In short, sell your plats.

Ultra/Regular Subscriptions: Subscribers of any kind are given plats, helix, and other items at every hourly revive revive, this includes a gold "wage", they also get half hour revives, so their health, ability, and energy are restored every half hour instead of every hour (this may also be true for outpost turns). For them this means that they have more stuff to sell in the markets, more energy to spend in the mill, and they are just given gold simply for being a subscriber. As lucrative as this sounds you have to pay REAL money to become a sub so its up to you to decide if its worth it.

Bounties: A fairly new addition to the world of DW is bounties. A player is able to put a price on the head of another player, and anyone who views the profile of the targeted player can see that a bounty is available. The first person to kill the targetd player recieves the bounty.

Recovering Lost Gold and The Items Market: This is where I delve in to hypothetical situation. First I'm going to tell you what I think the items market was ment for and then I'm going to tell you what is actually happening with it. The items market was meant for players to sell their used equipment, namely weapons and armor that they have replaced with higher levels. The real idea being that you could recover some of the gold that you spent on them, buy a weapon for 1000 gold in the weapons shop, use it, level yourself up and then face a choice, you can either A) donate it to your clan so that it can be lent out to newbies, B) sell back to the shop for half of what you paid for it or C) sell it in the items market for a price in between what you paid for it and the price that the shop will give you. By selling it in the item market you would be able to get back a little bit more of the money that you spent on it than you would by selling it to the shop and a new player would be able to buy some equipment at a reduced price. Now thats what the item market was ment for.
Whats actually happening is that players will buy a low level piece of equipment, use it, outgrow it and then try to sell in on the items market for a price greater than what the shops sell it at. And as you might expect nobody is willing to pay 10000 gold for a level 1 bronze dagger in the items market when they can buy one exactly like it from the weapons shop for 1000 gold. I encourage anyone reading this to sell thier used items in the items market for a reasonble price and then leave a message in the tradeing chat stateing what your selling and for how much and that its available in the items market. This will hopefully bring about a change in the items market and will make even a small amount of gold more valuable.

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