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Here's how it works...

Energy is automatically refilled every revive. For non-subscribers this is once per clock hour and for Subscribers it is every 30 min. To see how long until you revive look at the bottom right corner of your screen to see Revive clock.

You can find small amounts of energy in the Forest and Dark Forest... but the Dark Forest also has an energy spring that adds a permanent 1 up - it's rare but you can find it many times.

Build an Outpost. Outposts are for getting tokens. You can use tokens at the Food Shop to buy food and drink that refill your HP or energy.

Buy a ring. Rings can add to your total energy - only while you are wearing them (you must be wearing the energy ring at revive for it to add - it won't add just when you put it on).

Helix! Subscribers get helix free every revive - non-subscribers must buy or find something to trade for them. And helix are expensive to buy! One (1) helix gives refill of 30 energy (at Helix Mines) OR you save 50 helix to make an energy charm (at HCC) which adds permanent energy - random up to +10.

Subscribers can also refill their energy at the Energy Shack (in Subscriber Options) using plats.

There is also a hidden goodie for energy at the Red Lobster... open to all players.

That's the story about energy...

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