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Subject: Some Fishing / Seafari Guide
Seafari Guide

This is just a simple guide for everyone to start with. Everything that will be written here some of it are from the help of the other players that makes it easy for me to start in any way to build the guide. If any information you would like to add or to correct me, dont hesitate to mail me please.

Thank you.


For now i can only say that Seafari is begining to be more interesting than before. Before we can only fish but now also we can battle and discover a lot of things like facing sea monsters, treasure hunting as i've heard from Celtica that probably Feltash has treasures around the map and it's for us players to find it out where. Also around the map there are what i can call fishing spots.


In this page you will see the kind of rigs your are using. You can name your rigs just type the name you want for your rigs under "Boat Name" box and click change.

License / Cast Details

Fisherman: (your name)
Age: (your days of age)
Fishing Level: (your fishing level)
Fishing EXP: (experience)
Casts: (number of cast you have)
License: (days of license left)

Wins: (wins in battle in seafari)
Losses: (loosing battle in seafari)

Your Statistics

Weapon: (number of damage)
Power: (number of power and armor)
Armor: (number of armor you have)
Hull: (Health)
Speed: (Speed of your boat)


* There are two columns in here one is for the

*Fish Emporium*>>> where you can buy your fishing equipments and the other one is for
*Your Inventory*>>> where you can see what you have bought.

There are 4 basic equipments you will need to start fishing.

-----short, long and strong

-----thing, sturdy and normal

-----small and large

-----spoon, tackle, maggot, caster, bread, worm, meat, sweet corn, bollie and hemp

Stick Fish and Merchant Flag

For those that have been playing this game before we didn't have both of this so i thought of putting it in here.


For me the Stick Fish determines the percentage of the fishes you can catch in that area. It will jump undetermined number of jumping the lower the number the lower the chances of catching fish in that area. The higher the number it jumps the higher chances you can catch the fishes. Now i maybe wrong about it, but once it jumps 3 times (the lower number i got from stick fish so far) better move to another place and find a new one or you will just waste a lot of cast and no catch at all. This is very useful specially if you wanted to earn a lot and get a lot of fishes but just an advice use the Stick fish to find your fishing spots once you find the spot remember it and go back there anytime you want since this cost 15k per Stick Fish. Really costy but very useful.

*Another discovery i try to use different set-up and same place. I throw a stick fish and it jumps different numbers with different set-ups maybe this will give us also a clue that maybe we are using the wrong set-up in the right fishing spot. *i am still not certain about it so if any has the same experince pls do so to tell me.*


Merchant Flags are now available since the seafari is not only for fishing but also for battling now if you don't want to be disturbed in your fishing and hate to be killed by other players this is very useful for you. It cost 4k per flag and its a one time use only.

*note that before you use the flag find the right fishing spot for you first then use the flag because once you move your rig the flag will not be useful anymore, *i'm not so sure about this though*


For those who got confuse about the Rigs and their names before and now here's there list.

Kayak >>>>> Rowboat
Rig >>>>>>> Longboat
Ferry >>>>>> Warship


Rowboat >>>>> 50,000 golds
Longboat>>>>> 250,000 golds
Warship >>>>> 1,000,000 golds

*Most of the new players having problems how to get 50k for a boat since in Seafari it is now required to have a boat to start fishing. Others are being suggested to take a loan in their perspective clans or from other players. I would suggest to borrow at least 60k to start fishing inlcuding the equipments.

In the other hand some are having problems with the license and worried that they will not make it till the expiry of their license given by Berlock. For this i suggest to avoid first to finish the quest 5 of Berlock (, Go to the Forest near Westland and do some adventuring.) before the quest 6 of Berlock (6, Go to the Docks in Westland and do some fishing.) Gather the golds first before you continue with the quest so that your lincense will not be wasted.

How Far The Rigs Can Go?

*There are 3 parts in the map maybe some of you have noticed it too. first part is the the small square part at the bottom left, this part the Rowboats can go around of it until the small narrow space. This small space the Longboat can surf around it until the small narrow space at the middle bottom of the map where only Warship can reach it.


Map Guide

| X-axis


For Rigs

Rowboat can only reach the small square at the bottom left of the map where you started.

Longboat can only reach the until the upper left of the map till the small space at the bottom

middle part of the map.

Warship can go anywhere.

There are a lot of co-ordinates that has been suggested here in the forum and you can use that for you to make easier to find the fishes.

How To Navigate:

*This is quite tricky for those who are new. Just click FORWARD to go forward or REVERSE to go back. Use the compass to to view your direction.

going UP just click N in the compass meaning NORTH

going DOWN just click S in the compass meaning SOUTH .

going to the LEFT just click W in the compass meaning WEST .

going to the RIGHT just click E in the compass meaning EAST.


(You wake up from your nap and find yourself near the docks!)

*This message will be seen from the begining of the docks when you start fishing. I do notice too that if you let your boat or ship on standby every reset the boat/ship will go back to the main dock from the start.

(Nothing seems to be btting with this setup)

* I've tried to use the same settings to catch a fish but sometimes i get the same message so i think that this message will appear if your not in the right place to fish. Now i maybe wrong but i think every baits has there own kind of fishes to catch, for example if i use the bait BOLLIES i can catch PERCH fish. If i use the bait HEMP i can catch the DARTER fish... And it will always depend as well to where you are fishing for example i use this settings using a warship:

Strong Rod
Sturdy Line
Large Hook

Co-ordinate: x=22 y=12 d=3

With this settings and coordinates i can catch the Darter fish also with the same settings but with

this co-ordinates:

x=23 y=12 d=3

I can catch the Stickleback fish.

Now if at the beginning of casting you get this message find another with the kind of settings you have and you will see that there will be a place to fish.


(Nothing seems to be going on right now)

*This message appears only when your moving your boat or ship.

(A fish takes your bait and hook and swims away!)

*If you get this message it means that there are fishes in that place but you just have be patient, sometimes if there are few fishes it will take you 3 or 5 not sure how many cast till you can grab one. If this happens try to move a little bit and you will get to the part where there are a lot more to fish.

(Your Hull upgrades have been damaged!)

*This message appears to me when i got attacked by the sea monsters. Also this upgrades once it got damaged it need to be repaired as well you can see it in the Shipyard the price of repair depends on what kind of ugrade it was.

(You cant cast anymore without a Hook!)

*This message appears once your hooks finishes.

(Sorry you have no casts left for today, please wait until game reset.)

*This message comes out if you finishes your turns to cast. You will have to wait till the next reset (the 12 hours waiting and not revive).

(You feel a bump in your rod, you real it in and your bait is gone!)

*If this message comes out, this means your bait is gone.

(Your line breaks on a snag)

*This message only means that your line breaks and this will lessen the quantity of lines you have in use.

(You caught a *name of fish*)

*This message for sure means that you caught a fish and will tell you what fish is it. You can check your fishes later in Fishmonger and sell it. The more fish you catch the more profit you will have.


(You are being attacked by a Giant Snake Creature)

*This creature appears to me at the small square part of the map in the bottom this will hurt the boats armor and upgrades if you have. Now i may be wrong but this creatures come out if you stay too much wondering around that small corner...

Coordinate: x=28 y=5 d=2 (around this place where i have been attacked)

(You are being attacked by a Sea Dragon)

*This creature appears to me in the top middle of the map using the Long Boat. Once been attack this will hurt your rig's hull.

Coordinate: x=9 y=10 d=4
(You are being attacked by a Giant Mosasaur)

*This monster damaged my weapon while using warship as my rig.

Co-ordinate: x=16 y=8 d=4


Perch Fish: 310 each

x=17 y=6 d=4
x=17 y=6 d=2
x=18 y=12 d=3
x=7 y=13 d=1
x=18 y=9 d=4
x=20 y=10 d=4
x=9 y=9 d=4

Take note also with the d's coz somtimes facing wrong directions don't give fishes at least as i have experienced.

Strong Rod, Large Hooks, Sturdy Lines, Bollies/sweet ccorn

Rigs: Longboat and Warship

Shiner Fish: 60 each

x=26 y=3 d=3

Short Rod, Normal Line, Small Hook, Maggot

Rigs: All

Darter Fish: 270 each

x=22 y=12 d=3
x=32 y=14 d=2
x=17 y=7 d=3

Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook, Hemp

Rigs: warship

Stickleback Fish: 330 each

x=23 y=12 d=3
x=32 y=14 d=2
x=6 y=28 d=2

Strong rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook, Hemp

Rigs: Warship

Eel Fish: 320 each

x=15 y=31 d=1

Strong rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hooks, Bollies

Rigs: Warship

Angelfish: 350 each

x=26 y=2 d=3
x=7 y=22 d=1

Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook, Hemp

Rigs: Warship

Sculpin: 240 each

x=32 y=14 d=2
x=12 y=13 d=3
x=9 y=9 d=4
x=9 y=12 d=4

Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook, Hemp

Rigs: Warship, Longboat

Puffer Fish: 340 each

x=11 y=29 d=4
x=11 y=30 d=4
x=6 y=32 d=2

Strong Rod, Strudy Line, Large Hooks, Meat

Rigs: Warship

Skate Fish: 300 each

x=14 y=31 d=1

Strong Rod, Sturdy Line, Large Hook, Meat

Rigs: Warship
Special Message

There is a special message for you all to know about this. Through my experience i got my message from battling 2 boats and later on i found out in my log that i found something; this message will appear:

You found a bottle floating in the water with a map that shows a secret island at x=5 y=28 d=4.

I went there using warship and found the island. Just click Go Ashore and see what will happen. Have fun.

*I will add more once i have the complete details. Also the rigs can be any of the 3 just put what i used to catched the fishes. If anyone can reached these fishes by any kind of rigs please post it here too. Hope i helped in any way.

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