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Subject: Cartman Inc.
Make your money work for you.

I have started a company Cartman Inc. Inc. (ECM) which you can find in stocks page.

Initial shares of 100K are available for public. I own 90% of the company so you know this stock is only going to go up. Invest now so you can make gold whilst you sleep.

What does Cartman Inc do?

Cartman Inc is involved heavily in trading of precious stone. We deal in GCs, Helixes, Platinums, Sapphires and Elements.

Our another subsidiary is involved in fishing and mining.

Our future goal is to start a gold bank and a gold minting factory.

Limited stocks. Unlimited Potential.

Time Posted: February 9 2023 08:44 am EST
Last updated: February 9 2023 08:46 am EST

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