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Subject: re: Shadow Castle, AP Realign
After using 100sapphs
1. What will happen to my base AP's gained thru training, dunfell, potions etc? are they going to return too?
2.Are all the stat goes back to zero from strength, agility, wisdom defence, immunity, luck and HP?
3. Say i am at level 5 with 10 AP strenght, 10AP Wisdom, 10AP defence, 10 AP agility, 10AP immunity, 10AP luck, and 50HP (equiv to 10AP). My total equivalent AP is 70, after using the shadow castle AP realignement will i get the same AP amount or just 15 AP?.

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Time Posted: August 25 2014 05:07 am EDT
Last updated: August 26 2014 06:28 am EDT


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