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Subject: Demon Skills guide: check for accuracy please
I've worked on the Demon Skills guide Karma Jack launched, and presented it in a form hopefully less drafty. There are still info missing, and info I'm not sure off.

If everyone could drop an eye on it and tell me if it's accurate, it'd be appreciated.


Demons slots?

You will receive as :
Non Subscriber - 1 slot
Regular Subscriber - 2 slots
Ultra Subscriber - 3 slots

Extra slots can be unlocked with game credits (1250 GC each). If you find more eggs but don't have a slot to hold them in, they disappear forever. Even your subbie or ultra subbie runs out, the demons held in the second and third slot will be lost. You can move the most interesting demon in the first slot to avoid its loss. The demon with the most advanced level will also move in position 1.

Egg related potions?

If you have the potion 'blood talon', your egg will hatch immediately, without having to incubate it.

Are the skills powerful ?

Please remember that demons (ice, evil, good, earth, fire) are available to everyone, even brand new players. To increase the power of your skills to an advanced level you would have to have an advanced demon.

Alot of the easy to catch demons have similar skills similar in power to the Chamber of Wisdom, whereas the rare, undead and dark demons (harder to get hold of) have skills similar in power to the Devious Ridge.

What do they turn into ?


Earth Demons : evolution stages

Niobe Seed - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
This tiny seed can latch onto its prey and burrow its roots into their flesh. It will feed off their victim until it is strong enough to sprout poisonous vines.
Equiped with earth orb : 25% chance of lowering your opponents stats. Name of the skill : Sandstorm

Pompon - Level 11 (Evolution 2)
A direct ancestor to the niobe seed, once the niobe grows it sprouts several more giant seed bodies with a giant poisonous nettle cited on the back of each seed.
Equipped with earth orb : 20% chance of plucking a platinum from your opponent. Skill name : Natures Shadow

Fuchi Vine - Level 22 (Evolution 3)
As the pompon grows the thick vine takes over its small seed body and it becomes an agile, fatal ivy which can kill within seconds of contact. Avoid this creature at all costs.
Equipped with earth orb: 25% chance of extra experience. Skill name: Earthen Power

Briar Vine - Level 51 (Evolution 4)
Its large beak can crush through steel. It can root into anything almost instantaneously. Its vines can lift colossal weight and its poisonous spines can fire out into prey over 15 feet away.
Orb: earth orb. 15% chance of Stunning Vines for 2-3 turns. Skill name:

Grigget Dragon - Level 68 (Evolution 5)
This large beast can swim through molten rock. Its exterior shell is the densest material on the planet and nothing can break it. Its tail can rip through mountains and its claws can devastate cities.
With earth orb: 10% chance of instant death to your opponent.

Ice Demons : evolution stages

Shard - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
This small spining ball of water can move so fast it can be undetected by human eyes. It can spray out water that instantly freezes when it touches flesh.
Equiped with ice orb : 25% chance of plucking a platinum from your opponent. Skill name : Blinding Opportunity. It will steal plats even if you lose the fight (as opposed to the pickpocket skill)

Barreleye - Level 13 (Evolution 2)
The Barreleye is one of the few fish that breathes through its eyes. Its tail is very sharp and can cut through steel with a single swipe
Equiped with ice orb : 25% chance of 10% extra experience. Skill name : Chilling Absorb

Arctic Wolf - Level 35 (Evolution 3)
One of the best snouts in the business. Can sniff out prey from up to 100 miles away from a single drop of blood. This wolf can also reach speeds of 80 KPH.
With ice orb: 15% of freezing your opponent. Skill name: Frozen

Ice Zhandra Pup - Level 50 (Evolution 4)
This powerful beast can break diamonds with it's rion-clad grip. Nothing can escape its powerful body once they become entagled in its icy squeeze.
Ice orb: 10% chance of Blizzard

Ice Dragon - Level 70 (Evolution 5)
This loyal queen is perfect in every way, her wings allow her to drag her opponents through the air while her tail slices them to dust. Very few have ever had a chance to see this beautiful creature in flight.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Ice. 25% chance of giving your opponent Frostbit and lowering their stats. Name skill:

Evil Demons : evolution stages

Spookworm - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
Also nicknamed the nightcrawler due to its nocturnal sluggish behavior. This type of demon can enter an enemy oraphis and take control like a parasite.
Equipped with evil orb: 15% chance of boosting hit points by 20%. Skill name: volcano (1 wisom cost)

Woodrose Bat - Level 9 (Evolution 2)
Virtually undetectable at night. Its flight makes no audible sound. It has 3 mouths for eating, attacking and for making sound. It can also suffocate any potential prey with its umbrella effect.
Equiped with evil orb : 35% of Necro Burn : does 2% damage to your opponent regardless of their defenses. Skill name: Necro Burn. Equiped with evil orb: 15% chance of removing enemy armour
15% chance of boosting hit points by 20

15% chance of removing enemy armor

Woodrink Cyclopse - Level 19 (Evolution 3)
With its massive eye it can make sure the surrounding area is clear from enemies. Its massive wingspan can also come in very useful for aerial attacks.
Equipped with Mystical Orb of Evil: 25% chance to pull 3% of enemy Health and add it to your own
Equipped with Mystical Orb of Evil: 35% chance of Necro Burn does 2% damage to your opponent regardless of their defense. Skill name: Necro Burn. 15% chance of boosting hit points by 20%
35% chance of Necro Burn does 2% damage to your opponent regardless of their defense. Skill name: Necro Burn.

Woodrink Lord - Level 31 (Evolution 4)
The wordrink lord will serve his master whatever their request. They are loyal only to you and will serve every evil wish you desire.
equipped with evil orb: 25% chance to pull 3% of enemy Health and add it to your own

Castor Dragon - Level 75 (Evolution 5)
This legendary two headed dragon is a powerful engine of mass destruction. It is known to be virtually invincible. Very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.
skill: Orb:Mystical Orb of Evil. 25% chance of instant death to your opponent.

Good Demons : evolution stages

Charig - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
25% chance of removes 15% of a random player stat during battle.Skill name: Discharge
25% chance of Lighnting Ball causes 4% damage to opponent regardless of their defense. Skill name: Lightning Ball

Vogel - Level 10 (Evolution 2)
As the egg of the charig hatches a small flying vogel comes free. The vogel can twist your thoughts into believing anything. This tiny creature has been seen leading mass armies.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Lightning: 25% chance of removes 15% of a random player stat during battle. Skill name: Discharge

Urvogel - Level 25 (Evolution 3)
This reformed vogel can control your every thought, it can control nature itself. With its powerful wings it can flap millions of times a minute, confusing foes into going mad.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Lightning: 25% chance of extra gold earnings per battle. Skill name: Electric Shock

Sarpedon - Level 40 (Evolution 4)
The long thin body of the urvogel loses its smaller feathers and sprouts 2 large wings. The sarpedon can move with lightning speeds and make sounds that can demolish prey.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Lighting: 15% chance of boosting hit points by 20%. Skill name: Static Charge

Dodona Dragon - Level 55 (Evolution 5)
The dodona can fly to insane altitudes where it can dive down thousands of miles in seconds to blow its prey to dust. It can control the minds of cities and wage wars for personal entertainment. The dodona is a true wonder.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Lightning. 10% chance of instant death to your opponent Skill Name: Storm Strike

Fire Demons : evolution stages

Spiggot - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
This swirling ball of heat grows seven diamond tipped spikes which it can eject into potential prey which tears through the greatest armor with ease.
Equiped with Fire Orb : 30% chance of Endless Burn does 3% damage to opponent regardless of their defense. Name of the skill : Endless Burn
15% chance of burning off players armor.

Ajax - Level 24 (Evolution 2)
Although many people believe this creature to be made entirely from gas it infact has a molten core where it can store massive amounts of heat energy ready for explosive attacks.
Equiped with Fire Orb: 15% chance of Heat Guard increase stats %5. Skill name: Heat Gard
Equiped with mystical Orb of Fire: 30% chance of Endless Burn does 3% damage to opponent regardless of their defense. Skill name: Endless Burn

Carcinus - Level 42 (Evolution 3)
This huge flaming scorpion can melt metal with its seathing heat and its powerful iron-clad claws can crush solid steel to dust. Its feet are diamond tipped so it can easily scale cliffs and walls.
Equipped with mystical Orb of Fire: 15% chance of Heat Guard increase stats %5. Skill name: Heat Gard

Chaos Hound - Level 68 (Evolution 4)
The blades of the chaos hound are coated with a natural secretion of diamond to guarantee their strength. The expanding hooked tail can take down flying and ground prey with ease.
25% chance of Fire Boost add extra XP

Nestor Dragon - Level 99 (Evolution 5)
Nestor dragons are collossal beasts with skin comparable in heat to that of the temperature of the sun. Its powerful beak like head is strong enough to crush a fully grown oak in a single bite.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Fire: 10% chance of instant death to your opponent.

Undead demons : evolution stages

Undead Minotaur - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
Stronger than a hundred Ox, the Undead Minotaur can lift tremendous weights. Its bulky exterior can take maximum punishment before peril.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Death. 75% chance of taking half the users health. Skill name: Devils Dance

Sith Viper Grunt - Level 28 (Evolution 2)
The Grunt can ram a potential opponent, crushing them with its powerful jaws as it smashes its skull into them.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Death. Send a fury of massive flame attacks, and also has 25% chance of bad burn. Skill name: Flame Loop

Sith Viper Dragon - Level 55 (Evolution 3)
The Sith Viper Dragon can tear through flesh and bones in seconds, its long talons can grip onto anything as it flies
Mystical Orb of Death: Pulls opponent into Iron Grip for 8 turns, but has a 20% chance of missing. Name skill: Iron Grip

Sith Viper Lord (Evolution 4)
The Sith Viper Lord can crush any material with its pinsor, this creature can mutate in an instant.
Mystical Orb of Death: Unleash an army of Zhandra Dragons on your opponent. Name skill: Zhandra Swarm

Undead Zhandra - level 150- evolution 5
The ultimate beast in the entire land. This creature denies belief with its devastating strength. The Undead Zhandra has never been seen by anyone.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Death. The wrath of the Zhandra includes a selection of the most brutal moves in the entire land

Dark demons : evolution stages

Spook Demon: evolution 1
The spook dragon has a massive wingspan, it can gather its prey in a single swoop.
Orb: Any of the orbs. Makes the sky rain rocks which causes the users strength to be lowered by a lot.

Furgle Beast: evolution 2
The Furgle Beast is a sneaky predator, it can merge itself into anything and can sneak up on its prey.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Death. Skill : Panic Attack
This skill buries the user under a mound of rocks, it makes their strength basically useless if it hits.

Zaphire Dragon: evolution 3
The Zaphire Dragon has the ability to take over the mind of its opponent, making it go insane.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Death. Skill : Can draw big health gains directly from the user. Very powerful when mixed with trap skills.

Jabbawock Tree: evolution 4
This giant tree is thousands of years old, its roots can penetrate diamond and its branches can crush solid iron.
Orb: Mystical Orb of Death. Skill : 55% chance of hitting the target. if it hits it will take all of the opponents wisdom.

The Banshee: evolution 5
It is rumoured that even the Zhandra is afraid of this immense beast. Beware the power of the Banshee!
Orb: Mystical Orb of Death. Skill : This skill has massive damage and also has a very small chance of stealing a users AP if they have any

Golden Egg demons

The golden eggs hatch into different demons -
Black Dragon, Red Widow, Lost Lion Soul, Kratos Dragon, Dodona Spirit. These demons can use any orb, and they have only their starting form and skill. Thanks Ziggy for the info

Black Dragon
Skill : life drain. Effect : 25% chance of instant death

Red Widow
Skill: Buried Alive. 10% chance of instant death to your opponent.

Lost Lion Soul

Kratos Dragon

Dodona Spirit

Whilbor beast
Skill : Obliterate. Causes a massive intense heat wich will wipe out your opponents. Can also trap in a endless static charge
If the opponent hit by the skill, enemy's HP will be reduced to 1 or 2 also there's a chance of static charge (stunned)

Mystical Egg demons

Dark Latchit (evolution 1)
The Latchit grabs on to its prey and never lets go. Its razor sharp pincers can pierce through even the toughest armor.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Fire. Thousands of tiny parasites released by the Latchit attack your opponent throughout the battle.

Gibbot Cyclopse (evolution 2 - level 31)
This tricky fellow can morph into any shape and can fool even the wisest wizards into thinking it is anyone.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Death. Morph your opponent in to a random animal.

Vipera Snake (evolution 3- level 55)
The Vipera Snake is covered in lots of tiny barbs all over its body. Even the slightest touch will render an opponent totally paralysed.
Orb:Mystical Orb of Death. A giant snake bite is torn from the opponent and gives you full health.

Electric Phoenix (evolution 4 - level 100)
This magical bird has the power to strike down and foe and can even control when a battle ends!
Orb:Mystical Orb of Ice. 55% chance of hitting the target. If it hits and you are winning the battle then it will end early

Mystical Beast (evolution 5)
This giant electric dragon is so powerful it can destroy entire cities within just a few minutes. Its colossal size is overwhelming to any foe.
Orb - any - This skill has massive damage and also has a very small chance of stealing a users AP if they have any.

How do you train your demon ?

The demon is trained while you ven. With every battle, it gains EXP. The demon will get about 5% of what you gain from a fight in the ven. If it is too low, the exp gain will be zero. So your demon gets more EXP if you attack higher levels.

Your demon also get exp when you fight non player characters (dark forest monsters for example).

When you level up, you can allocate your AP to your demon instead of you. I think it's not worth it, since its stats add to yours -so better add it directly to you, cause you lose the gain when you unsumon your demon. They can also be armed, the stat boost given by the equipment will add your stats.

About Stunting Growth : Stunting the growth of your demon will not allow the image or skill of your demon to change when they mature to the next form. This does not affect their stats. It is permanent, and can’t be undone.

How do demons work ?

To use a demon, you have to summon it.
Once it is summoned, his stats (strength-defense-agility-wisdom) will add to your stats. However, HP does not add up. One hypothetis (needs to be checked) is that the higher your demon HP is, the longer you can use your orb without breaking it.
You can only summon ONE demon at a time.

Some demons might not obey their master if you are lower level than them.
The first number of your demon perception score represents the substractant that this demon will remove against their level to compare against your level. The second number will show you the difference between your level and the level of your demon.
If the Perception score is red, you demon will not listen to you and you need to raise your level untill the second number shows either 0, either a negative value.

Equip an orb
If you equip the right orb, the demon will have special skills (taking armour off, stealing plats etc…). If you want this skill to work, you have to activate ths skill in your ‘skill configuration’.
After a while, your orb will break and you’ll have to replace it by a new one. The orbs won't break if you have the ring of Seluce, or the ring of Storm.

Fire demons ------ Fire Orb
Earth demons ---- Earth Orb
Ice demons ------- Ice orb
Good demons ---- Lightning Orb
Evil demons ------ Evil Orb
Undead demons ---- Death Orb
Dark demons ------ Any of the Orbs (form 1)

Buggs and errors

- your demon may change class while reaching level 9 to 11
- your demon may not steal plats, even if you won the fight
- your demon may steal plats that are non-existent
- your stats stay decreased when you unsommon, and summon your demon again

Demon Armour and equipment

You can convert your equipment to demon usable equipment in the underground blacksmith. You'll need a black statue in order to do that. Black statues can be bought in the game shop for 2500 GC, or 500 LP.
Warning: Black Statues do break upon multiple utilisations, as orbs do. In order to prevent it from breaking, wear either ring of seluce, either ring of storm. They will protect both orbs and black statue.

The costs differ as follows:

Gold Cost = Item Power x 1000000

Strength Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 10
Cost Type = Burelia

Defense Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 8
Cost Type = Burelia

Agility Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 12
Cost Type = Alethite

Wisdom Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 6
Cost Type = Alethite

Luck Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 9
Cost Type = Alethite

Immunity Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 3
Cost Type = Burelia

Max Energy Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 0.25
Cost Type = Elements

Max Health Stat Item
Cost = Stat Boost Amount x 0.1
Cost Type = Sapphires

Once items are converted you can equip them to your demons. Please note if you unsummon your demon then these items will stay with the unsummoned demon and it will need to be resummoned so you can access your items again on the demon inventory. On another note, you can unequip the items, and equip them on the demon you're currently using too.

- All stat boosts and power boosts are given when a demon item is equipped to a demon.

- Demon usable items CAN be traded.

Demon gloves and rings

Demons can wear gloves, and rings, but you have to unlock their glove slot, and ring slot, first. In order to do that, please go inside the shop, equipement, other.

Underground blacksmith: Questions and answers:

Q: is black statue is just one time use? like 1 statue per item ? or u can use it as many time as u want ? like use same statue for many different items?
A: As many times as you like.

Q: I equip armour to my demon, but then decide I want to a different demon to have that piece of armour, can I take it off the first demon to give it to the other demon, and then even switch back again? OR, are you saying once you assign one piece of equipment to one demon, it has to STAY with that demon?
A: You can unequip items from a demon at any time.

Q: If i have clan armoury equipment, can I use the black statue to convert it to demon usable equipment ?
A: nope, you can't.

Q: Do the GC buffer(s) work when I equip the weapon to my demon ?
A: Yes, they do.

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