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Subject: Disease Guide
Where and How can I get a Disease?
Diseases are found everywhere in Westland. You can get it by visiting a city that has been infected by a disease. Depending on your immunity and the severity, you can catch the disease in every 1: xxxx clicks.

What diseases are there?
Each land has its own unique disease, they are:

Ordin - Black Death: Causes 50% less gold from forests.

Aldara - Miners Cough: Causes 50% less fatigue use for mining.

Helios - Wood Rot: Causes half the gold wage amount from lumbering.

Kratos - Black Pox: Causes 50% less gains in the training facility.

Icarus - Putrid Fever: Causes HCC and SCC gains to drop by 50%.

Theia - Demon Footrot: Causes your demon to only gain 1% of experience in battle.

Orithia - Paresis: Causes 50% less gains in the ECC and 20% more failure in the OCC.

Triton - Mania: Causes 50% less gold from the Dark Forest.

How can I get rid of a Disease?
Visit Wizard Ruben and he will give you a list of ingredients to get for him to make the disease.
Ingredients will include a combination of:
- Fish
- Trapped Animals
- Leaves
- Platinum
- Ores
- Tokens
- Orbs
- Eggs
- Foods & Drinks
- Equipment

Or you can visit the GC Shop and purchase a cure for 5GC

Ingredients for cures vary for each person, even if they have the same disease.

How can I protect myself from these Diseases?
There are 2 ways of protecting yourself from these diseases:
1. Stay away from the infected city
2. Add AP to your immunity stat

Can I get more than 1 disease?
Answer: No you can't.

Can I spread my disease to others?
Answer: N/A

If I don't cure my disease, will it stay with me forever?
Answer: No, it will go away with time.

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