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Subject: Guide To The GC and Loyalty Shops
What are GCs?
GCs (Game Credits) are an in game currency that can be used to buy the following at the GC Shop:
- Regular & Ultra Subscription
- Currencies & Stones
- Equipments & Packs
- Skills & Classes
- Potions & Boosters
- Demon Eggs, Slots & Potion

What are Loyalty Points?
Loyalty Points can be earnt by doing specific things in the game. These points can be exchanged in the Loyalty Points Shop for a variety of things such as:
- Skills
- GCs
- Subscriptions
- Beef Stew
- Equipment
- Electronic Devices (E.g Phones, Cameras and TVs)

Where can you find these shops?
Go to Accounts > Change Game Layout > Age of Discovery.
At the very top of your page click on [Shop] to find the GC and Loyalty Points Shops. You should find yourself on a page like this:

There you can use your GC and Loyalty Points to purchase a wide range of items and packs.

Where can I get more GCs?
You can buy more GCs through Paypal, Zong and Wire Transfer. Simply go to [Buy More] located next to [Shops]. Then click on the Payment Method you wish to choose to purchase more GCs with. You should find yourself on a page like this:

You can also purchase GCs from other players or via the Game Credit Market with in game currencies and or by converting LPs.

Besides from being able to purchase things for yourself, you can also transfer your GCs to others. What a nice gift they make too! To transfer GCs to someone, click on [->] located next to [Buy More]. Just enter the player’s ID and the amount you want to send them and click Transfer. You should find yourself on a page like this:

GCs are great, apart from being nice gifts, buying GCs are a lot more economic than buying with normal money, for example, using 2000 GCs instead of using $200 can get you a nice pack worth 2000 GC and still get you 500 GC leftover!
And if you plan on spending a large sum of money or GC, you can negotiate prices with the Sales Representative (Eddie_The_Kid [393764]) for discounts and save even more! But any amount of money or GC can still get you a discount too. If you feel like sharing a package with another player, go talk to him first before buying and he can get you all sorted out. If you are looking for anything like equipment, skills, stones, packs etc and or have any problems with payments and such, he is the guy to go too. If you wish to share a package with someone, mail Feltash [1] and he can sort it out for you.

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