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Subject: Demon Egg Guide
What are Demon Eggs?
Demon eggs, as the name self explains, is an egg which holds a demon inside. Inside the egg, lives a baby demon which you can train and evolve.

What are the perks of having a Demon Egg?
For Starters, when obtaining an egg and then hatching it, the demon will assist you in battles and when holding the correct orb, will obtain a "special" skill which it can use during battle. And also while in egg form, can be traded with other people to earn some extra income.

What effects the chance of finding an egg?
The finding of eggs is effects by 3 things:

Type of egg
User Activity (how many times you complete a certain action in a certain area)

A player with less luck can find eggs with lower odds but they may be more active in a certain area then a user with higher luck.

Imagine it the same as the lottery, a player with one ticket and a player with 1000 tickets. If the player with a single ticket plays every day and the player with 1000 tickets only plays every year then the odds become alot more matched. The same rules apply for the finding of eggs. - Tom

What do they look like?
Good Egg

Earth Egg

Ice Egg

Fire Egg

Evil Egg

Golden Egg

Undead Egg

What orbs do they hold?
Good - Lightening
Earth - Earth
Ice - Ice
Fire - Fire
Evil - Evil
Gold - Unknown
Undead - Death

Where do you find them?
Good - Forest (Walking around) & Trapping (Setting a Trap)
Earth - Mines (Mining rocks)
Ice - Seafare (Fishing/Casting)
Fire - Dark Forest (Caves, chests)
Evil - Loligo
Gold - Unknown
Undead - Unknown
All eggs can be bought at the Game Credit Shop with GC.

How many times do you need to incubate an egg? (You must manually log on and incubate your eggs every hour)
Good - 50
Earth - 70
Ice - 80
Fire - 90
Evil - 100
Golden - 500
Undead - 500

You can also use a Blood Talon Potion (bought in GC shop) to instantly hatch your egg.

How many slots do we get?
Non Subscriber - 1 slot
Regular Subscriber - 2 slots
Ultra Subscriber - 3 slots
Maximum Number of Slots (6)

When finding Demon Eggs ...
Luck will help!

What do they turn into?
Earth - #1. Niobe Seed - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
#2. Pompon - Level 11 (Evolution 2)
#3. Fuchi Vine - Level 22 (Evolution 3)
#4. Briar Vine - Level 41 (Evolution 4)
#5. Grigget Dragon - Level 68 (Evolution 5)

Ice - #6. Shard - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
#7. Barreleye - Level 13 (Evolution 2)
#8. Arctic Wolf - Level 35 (Evolution 3)
#9. Ice Zhandra Pup - Level 50 (Evolution 4)
#10. Ice Dragon - Level 70 (Evolution 5)

Evil - #11. Spookworm - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
#12. Woodrose Bat - Level 9 (Evolution 2)
#13. Woodrink Cyclopse - Level 19 (Evolution 3)
#14. Woodrink Lord - Level 31 (Evolution 4)
#15. Castor Dragon - Level 75 (Evolution 5)

Good - #16. Charig - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
#17. Vogel - Level 10 (Evolution 2)
#18. Urvogel - Level 25 (Evolution 3)
#19. Sarpedon - Level 40 (Evolution 4)
#20. Dodona Dragon - Level 55 (Evolution 5)

Fire - #21. Spigget - Level 1 (Evolution 1)
#22. Ajax - Level 24 (Evolution 2)
#23. Carcinus - Level 42 (Evolution 3)
#24. Chaos Hound - Level 68 (Evolution 4)
#25. Nestor Dragon - Level 99 (Evolution 5)

Ultra Rare Demons (Type: Unknown) -
#26. Black Dragon (Egg received at 5m kills)

#27. Red Widow (Egg received at - 100,000 karma)

#28. Lost Lion Soul (Egg received at + 100,000 karma)

#29. Kratos Dragon (Egg received at Level 1000)

#30. Dodona Spirit (Egg received when reaching age 3 years)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you know what the demon is inside an egg?
The 1st Evolution of the Type of Egg you get. E.g If you hatch an earth egg, the demon inside will be a Niobe Seed which is the 1st Evolution.

When you find an egg, do you need to pick it up?
No, it goes straight to your slot in the Hall of Demons.

What happens when you find more eggs but don't have a slot to hold them in?
If you find more eggs but don't have slots for them, they disappear forever.

Can you trade Demon Eggs once you have already incubated it?
Yes, even when there is only 1 incubation left to do, if it goes to 0 it will hatch into a demon, which is untradeable.

What happens when I release my egg?
It disappears forever.

Is there such thing as a Dark Egg? Are they the same as an Evil Egg?
Yes. No.

Are the rare eggs and rare demons out yet?
No, not yet.Yes

If you are a subscriber, can you incubate the eggs every half hour?
No, you can only incubate every hour.

How do I get more slots?
You can buy more slots for 1250 GC each.

Do I lose my egg if I have filled all the egg slots when I am a regular or ultra subscriber when my subscription runs out?
No, the egg stays there until you renew your subscription. And you don't get access to the egg in the slot you lose.Unfortunately, now yes you do.

If I buy an extra slot, do I keep it forever even if I am no longer an ultra or regular subscriber?
Yes you do, extra slots (that are bought) are permanent.

*NOTE* More will be added as more updates will be made with the Demon/ Demon Eggs.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me

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