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Subject: Enerjak Help
Okay... I'm making a new monster thingy for hopefully a rp in the making... or to be used in other rps if you ask me. ^.^

Now here's Enerjak's info to help make the choosing better. ^.^

Enerjak - as the name implies, this creature steals energy. Hailing from a desolete corner of the world, this creature is to be feared. Whether it was born or created in that land is completely unknown. This lethal enemy's job is to collect energy, for what purpose is anyone's guess but they are persistant in collecting massive amounts of energy for something. Many believe that they collect energy to keep alive, some to take back to their corner of the world to keep it alive and others believe they collect energy for evil purposes. No one truly knows.

Enerjak absorbs energy (magic, mana) so its not wise to attack it with anything energy based... but while it's only weakness is melee based combat, (attacking with swords, spears and the like) Enerjak loves being up close as it can steal energy from its enemies by either a bite or a swipe of its claws. (so no, energy can't be stolen if you touch it, only if it hits you with the claws or teeth)

From this, it's difficult to attack it let alone kill it. But it can only steal small amounts of energy by physcial combat, (so it has to repeatedly claw at its enemy to get more, but if it sinks this teeth and/or claw into you then the longer the claws and teeth remain in you the more it absorbs) and it completely absorbs energy based attacks. Be forewarned, it can send the energy back at you in attack (it doesn't mirror the attack just sends the amount of energy force back at you), though it rarely does so since its job is to collect energy not waste it, but it will do this if need be.

(it needs editing, I know... but I made this guy like when I was 12, so the info on him is a little iffy, and judging from the info... I guess I made him a little too powerful (he was made for this fantasy place me and sister came up with called Dreamscape, the Realm of Dreams, and as such being the world of dreams, you can do anything in your dreams, so I made him to be one of the many enemies and as so is strong to combat the dreamers by stealing their energy.) XD But I'll be taking suggestions on making him better tailored for this world.)

*Note: This guy is far from stupid, the Enerjak are intelligent, they just perfer not to waste words on explaining. They have a dark, firm tone in their speech.
Now to pick the pic for Enerjak. Which of these would be best to use for this creature?




Time Posted: March 31 2010 06:44 am EDT
Last updated: March 31 2010 05:42 pm EDT


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