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Subject: my story [Ezio]
Ezio's story starts in a bar in athens in 1616.
He steps out into the sunlight and says "What the Hell? It was dark when I walked in!" And starts walking to his latest hotel room. When He gets there the whole thing is up in flames. He turns and sees To Templar knights From the second crusade standing across the road. He proceeds across to kill them both. he does so and climbs a near by building to kill the archer there. After doing so his is shot by another archer. The arrow does no damage to Him and he turns and throws a knife and kills the archer. Then he loots the corpses and finds a detailed letter on where he will be and when. it isa also a set of ways to kill him. "well that didn't wo..."
Apon reading the signature He sets in motion the events the would cause his utter demise. "NO,this cannot be! You Are dead! I killed You Myself 116 years ago! I saw! I Watched You die!"

Time Posted: March 29 2010 11:46 pm EDT
Last updated: March 29 2010 11:46 pm EDT

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