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Subject: saronknight's life
saron is 6,3
black hair covering his right eye
180 lbs

i will post at least once a day

i hope you like his story

starting here

saron had a normal life as a stable boy,doing the same thing everyday.his adopted parents were nice but he wanted more in life.

so he sign up for the army it just happened on his way to sign up he ran into a old friend he was a certain kind of knight that was on secret missions saron said i will join!

when saron got there he signed up and he had his first job to sneak into the north army.he had three partners with him they were great warriors. they have reached the north!

to be continued

Time Posted: January 8 2010 04:43 pm EST
Last updated: January 8 2010 04:45 pm EST

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