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Subject: The Horizon Yonder
Colin walked along the dock ward of the westlands, swerving in and out of the bustling human traffic that choked the wooden walk. "'Scuse me mate, spare a coin?" A meager voice from the side caught his attention. It was an old man, clothed in rags and one gnarled tooth poking out from a mouth filled with black gums and rank breath.
"If you tell me where the Santa Anna is, beggar, I shall grant you a coin." Colin said, stopping to converse with the homeless man. "She's docked two slots down, see those three masts? Thats her." The beggar replied, pointing to a massive three masted schooner, the largest in the harbor it seemed. "My thanks." Colin said, tossing the man coin as he began to move through the throng of bodies.

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Time Posted: December 22 2009 06:46 pm EST
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