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The story of Ying-yang has no beginning, it was just a simple case of always being or so everyone, including himself, thinks. His origin is unknown but he has been around for at least 10,000 years that he remembers, but his identification into Dark Warriors is rather recent because he came from the ice deserts of hell itself only a short time ago and has come back to show this world a terror they do not comprehend. In his life time he was a known head were-wolf for 6,000 years, then, as he remembers it, he was cast into hell by his most trusted friend who had died 5 years ago. Since that point he ran aimlessly through hell, looking for an escape, and when he finally found it, he found this world had changed greatly. There were now weapons designed to kill his kind, smarter humans, and awe-inspiring towers of rock and steel. The story still continues...

Time Posted: December 17 2009 09:23 am EST
Last updated: January 23 2010 04:28 pm EST


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