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Subject: dark's life continued
dark stared to leave his cave he called home.when he saw soldiers from the south he heard they was running the draft dark was hiding until the soldiers spotted him they took him in to the south kingdom to learn to be a soldier,a year later, dark was done with training and went with the soldiers to fight in the north. it was cold and harsh for dark and the men. dark couldnt stop thinking about rose the love of his life,until he found out that rose was working as a cook for the soldiers in the north kingdom the kingdom that was at war with his kingdom !he couldnt leave he would be killed !the next day dark and the other soldiers were going to fight the northern kingdom. dark knew he could get away then and get rose out of there so when the fight began dark sneaked away in the north kingdom in a hole in the wall. dark raN SCREAMING HER NAME to find out she had been killed from the firing arrows. dark screamed in pain ripping his Armour off and saying in a distressed voice why please bring her back!!! and nothing he slowly let her lifeless body down.dark left the north kingdom to be continued........

Time Posted: December 16 2009 10:46 pm EST
Last updated: December 16 2009 10:46 pm EST

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