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Subject: deserving sacrifice
long story short killer was looking for as much negative energy as possbie to reserect his dead brother oblivion for a second time to fight him to pay off his dues of giving his soul up to protect his family from ever lasting darkness.with a shame destroyed his beloved dark thorn kingdom his birth place filled with inocent to wipe away a dreadfull killer went on he killed and wiped of the face of this earth everything that had linked with past battles and memories of loved ones.he got most of the negative by killing his mother thinking that she betreyed him but she never knew. killer ened her life by stabing her eyes out and stabing her throat he gave a message saying he killed the queen and that she will not speak nor see her loved ones ever,but the queen servived with the help of one of her friends and could see and speak once more but had no memory of what had happen to her of what her son did.killer with the help of a demon that serverd him close before toke him to a place where he obtainted his old birth right blade the dark buster blade filled with massive amounts of negative energy.with that it awoke oblivion and the two fought once more blow equalling blow somhow the fight moved from the wasteland from the previus battle and ended up at the queens sisters castle with the queen and her freinds there.killer almost dead from the fight said his goodbyes and sorrys and told the others to run far away and never come back with that said the queen and her friends teliported out to safty and killer let out everybit of negative energy he gathered and had from the contanent of the earth and blew up himself with oblivion sending them both to a place worse then hell its self for there punishment..the explotion cause mass destruction with there deaths and made the biggest wasteland the world has ever known they now call it the desert of graves where some go to go to burry the wicked at night you can see and here the evil souls and there killer will be making sure that the souls never escape the wastland he created with his power.

Time Posted: December 16 2009 04:04 pm EST
Last updated: December 26 2009 08:03 am EST


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