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Subject: Poem to Arianna and Tootles in 3 acts
As promised :

[Poem in verses]
A competition where meets the strong
Both exhausting and... very long
With a strong desire to find
She could not make up her mind
And the train passed by
mounted on rails of gold
To embark her and make a spouse
60 days gone by as supposed
and tighter her hand he holds
The ceremony was not to be found
But the ring is the bond
And she must be steady
To wear a rock that heavy

[Rap solo]
I stare at their union
As the world's reunion
As the earth in fusion
Miracle infusion
Beware love invasion
Make no wrong impression
And peace to the nation
Tootles-to-the-train and Ari-Anna
In the House to make the world go round!

[Letter in proses]
We had the chance to see the contest through. And I was not satisfied with what I have seen. Until the day Arianna announced she chose. The last part of the competition was closed to the view. This one determined a winner among a chosen few. Would she find a suitable soul mate? I guess she could. So much for her, I know, but she started it all, she said to the world : "I am ready!". And she was; she is now married. Tootles the train wore the name of Montrovant at the time. The gallant name of a true gentleman, wearing a high hat and a fine tailored suit. With an etiquette and visions of love to be. He gave his heart and got his old name back, to terrify the people with his high octane speed. But, she cannot be hit by him. She is still inside, co-piloting, feeding the coal, bringing the spark. No, she is the spark. And they are now on an endless voyage. To where? I would not know. But they are living large and for sure. I am wondering what family they will bring!

Time Posted: December 9 2009 03:43 pm EST
Last updated: December 17 2009 03:37 pm EST


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