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Subject: Suvenus's Journey
In a Northern mountain range there was a sheltered valley where a group of people lived. They named their community Blue Valley. Suvenus was like any typical kid, he had to face the bullies of the town on his own. It took a little while but he began to see that if he looked into their eyes and concentrated he could get them to change their minds into his favor. He started to try this on other people, to get out of chores, groundings and even a kiss. One day an old man came into the village and was at the inn. Suvenus had walked in and set himself down at the table. He looked at the bar wrench and asked her to get him a beer (which he wasn't old enough for yet). As she got him the beer the old man said "Such a waste of power, is that all you use it for?" Suvenus was shocked. "What do you mean? I have done nothing." The old man laughed. "Bewitching the lady to get a drink at 1 in the afternoon is nothing. I bet you got out of your chores the same way." Suvenus looked down at his beer and said nothing. "One day you will meet someone stronger then you and he will destroy you if you don't harness your power. I can teach you some, but you need to leave here to reach your full potential. Of course, you will have to earn you teaching." Suvenus tried his power "Couldn't you just teach me for free?" The old man laughed again. "NO. Your powers need refining and I can teach you a few more for defence. Come let us start your lessons." With that Suvenus went out into the feilds with the old man and he learned how much he didn't know and why he should be afraid.

Time Posted: December 6 2009 10:59 pm EST
Last updated: December 7 2009 10:19 pm EST


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