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Subject: Decents and their power/history
1st-the pyro king,he is the decent of fire from his history he has created many things with a white flame he ruled many and was known as a very ill tempered man.he was one of the decents that have died.

2nd-killer reaper,he has had much gone on in his life and went power crazy many of times for pride and respect.he was known as the dark prince and he rules over the power of darkness also the 3rd gaurdian of hell of the east gate.

3rd-chaos reaper,he has a most impresivly long history.he was the ruller of the world about 5000 years ago but his cruel rule ended in the fight with king graywind and graywind seal him within his son killer he is now free from killer and is the decent of madness and dstruction.also a decent that has died

4th-bloodlust chaos,he is the decent of earth and most diffacult to fight.he uses close combat with his huge mucsle and always charges.another one with a short temper and is very close to his brothers he is a gaurdian of the 4th gate of hell and loves to breck his oppents bones.

5th-trez,he is the decent of lighting and the fastest.he is known to be crazy in battle and not easy to pinpoint his favorite move is his lighting attack he sends down in ev ery diretion.also another decent that has died

6th-insanename,the second oldest decent.his powers are unknown but he is most impresive in combat.he is known for his silent personality and is now the new ruler of the last remaining decents.

7th-oblivion,he was the oldest decent and most powerfull that he had to be locked away somewhere deeper then hell to contain himself.he fought against his bmost his brothers and killed his father and broke out.he then fought killer and insane for controll of the decent and died a dreadfull defeat.he is the decent of true chaos destruction darkness and madness.

more history will be known in the other storys

Time Posted: December 4 2009 09:08 am EST
Last updated: July 9 2010 12:21 pm EDT


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