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Subject: shot and to the point
killer reaper had a seceret deep with in him he called him self the dark prince long after the incedent of the decents battle over power.killer kept the seceret from his beloved family and fought a most powerfull oppent....his own brother and decent oblivion decent of darkness.for most of which you dont know what a decent is they are fallen gaurdians of the gods the gods had fated three of the seven decents to hell with there creator the god of the decent also known as the forgotten lord.killer and the others became decents after they had died and plegde the alliance with him.any way when killer had became the dark prince in seceret it was for more power he had the power to destroy almost anything in his power but had a big fla he still had a heart for other even thow he detroyed many villages.killer then lost his power of the dark prince and trained for five years before his brother oblivion got out from the deepest pits of hell.oblivion and killer had fought for three days striaght blow maching blow causing lighting to strike in the most unexpected they battled the entire time the sky was blood red and the ground was thicken with blood of inicent who tried to stop the two decent clashed for power of the gods hand(orb wich grants power to live forever and tramendos powe)their brother insane name had found it and stoped the fighting but oblivion did not take it to well so he fought the killer and insane and lost with a stong blow from the back and front of the two brothers.not long after the battle still raged except with insane and killer the battle lasted as long as the last one but in the end insane one with his decent powers to prove his worth of the strongest decent he let his brother live and peace remained for their time

Time Posted: December 4 2009 08:41 am EST
Last updated: December 26 2009 08:13 am EST


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