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Subject: Angelian's Last Story
After a long needed break she enters the tavern unknown to the events that have happened there. She smiles warmly as she enters seeing the faces of her family and friends. Sitting at an available table, Kujo the Mad sits across from her at the table and speaks low “Welcome back Miss. ‘Ow was ya trip?” He asks “Thanks. It was very good, much needed thank you again Kujo” She replies “Tha’s good ta ‘ear Miss” He smiles as he listens to a story from her trip. She stops in the middle of a sentence and looks around suddenly and speaks low into Kujo’s ear “Kujo… A few people are missing tonight… Where is Max? Where is my love?” His smile fades as he sighs with grief and begins telling her the strange events that happened

Kujo leans back in his chair slightly “Miss I’m telling you this for your own good, before you find out some other way. A Week ago… Max entered another pub down the road, a battle unleashed because of some false accusing…Max is…” He closes his eyes “Dead…” She gasps and begins crying “An…And...?!…” She cries harder “Oh God! Kujo! Please don’t tell me...” She sobs “No… slumbers forever…But… An Orb controlled his body for a time…He mentioned that only his true love could break the Orb” A tear rolls down his face and disappears into his black and small white specked fur “But I couldn’t be here…They haven’t broke it yet then?” She asks through sobs and sniffles He nods very slowly “Twili destroyed it…” he says very low “What?!” She screams “I reckon he says He’s loved her since he first laid eyes on her” Her eyes flash black as se looks horrified at Kujo “You let this happen?? You could have…stopped it.. You could have stopped Max from dying… I…” He eyes flash black as she turns on Twili sitting near the table reading a book and screams “How dare you let your very son die! You destroyed that Orb you could have saved him, he would not have been out of his head to think he was in love with you! I loved him! I thought you were my friend!” Twili looks up from her book and in a calm, eerie voice entirely unlike herself she speaks “I didn't know…just let my son die... I did not know of his death until afterwards...As for Fionoch...I didn't know he fell in love with me...” She holds up the book and a crazed light enters her eyes “But with this book... I can bring them both back...”Twili smiles as she continues to speak “Max will be alive... Fionoch will be awake and fine... Kila and everyone will be happy... I'll bring them back... I promise.”

Angelian’s eyes flash black quickly as she looks like she is about to cry. “I loved him…” She turns and storms out of the Inn, spreads her wings and takes flight towards the castle. Narrowly missing a rain cloud she lands softly in the field of flowers in front of the castle. Lightening begins to crack above the castle like a whip, thunder crashes loudly as she looks up at the castle gates.

The Lightening streaks across the sky and hits a tree causing black and orange flames to light up the land. The flame spreads as thunder crashes overhead rumbling the castle then the wind picks up. Angelian falls to her knees crying as the sky turns black and thunder is heard over all through the lands echo above her. The Castle gives a loud groan and begins to sway and a window high in the Astronomer’s tower shatters. As like a domino effect one by one the windows shatter, the tower roof begins to crumble as a heavy rain begins to fall from above. The Castle itself seems to want to just blow away as more of the castle’s roof begins to crumble and fall to the ground, A louder groan from the castle escapes into the wind as the ground itself violently begins to shake as the very floors inside the castle crack and break in. The rain falls harder, the lightening lights up the sky and the thunder deafens as the Castle gives once last exhausted groan and crumbles to the ground in one heap. The rain turns into a light drizzle as Angelian turns away from the remains of her home and the lightening and thunder stop suddenly as the sun breaks from behind a cloud and a rainbow blesses the sky.

She takes flight once more back to the Inn, landing softly on the porch and enters looking at Kujo. Her eyes turn black as night a horrific scream escapes her as she doubles over on her hands and knees panting like a dog. She looks up, her face contorted into nothing ever seen before her eyes glow with a fiery red. A black smoke like substance begins circling around her entire body eventually seeping into her eyes, nose, and mouth causing the very veins in her body to turn as black as jet itself before encircling her wings forming a black liquid leather that travels up her wings slowly causing all the feathers to fall and lay motionless on the ground. As this liquid reaches the tips of her wings, the once beautiful white wings have become black leathery bat-like wings. Another horrific scream escapes her as fleshy bone like horns sprout from her forehead, she rises up off the ground, her face no longer beautiful but that of a monster, her eyes nevermore blue as sapphire but red as pure fire. She snarls and leaps off the ground and spreads her now demonic wings to take flight. Only slightly in the air a large black shadowy hand rises out of the floor of the Inn, grabs her left ankle. As she is drug to the ground an ear splitting scream fills Westland, as she is drug across the ground and back into the Inn. The Inn floor opens bringing with it black flames and tortured screams. She screams helplessly as she is dragged into the very depths of hell. The ground closes with a rather large crisscrossed burn mark on the floor of the Inn that can never be magically removed or scrubbed away.

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Time Posted: November 29 2009 11:23 pm EST
Last updated: December 6 2009 05:04 pm EST

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