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Cade Graywolf
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Subject: Graywolfs life
Graywolf's memories start when his parents were murdered he was 6 years old. He cant remember anything about his ancestory only that his parents were good people, true, honest and brave. After his parents murder he wandered the forest for what seemed like ages. Hungry, tired and ready to lay down and die, he was found by a hunter. A tall strong man who went only by Flick. Flick took in Cade and raised him best he could, taught him to hunt, fish and how to fight, but only as a last resort. At the age of 18 Cade left his home in search of his parents killer knowing only a face, no name and not sure where to start. He stopped in the land called Westland and thats were this journey begins. Cade is 6'2" Tall weighing 200lb With bright green eyes and Sandy blonde hair. He is good with a bow and always willing to help someone in need.

Time Posted: November 24 2009 11:57 pm EST
Last updated: December 23 2009 02:58 pm EST


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