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Subject: Twili's Insanity - Search for the Elemental Wolves

Twili sat alone in the hollow tree of where her pack lived, finding the darkness of it oddly comforting. She sat at the wooden desk with the candle sitting on the upper corner of it, it's light shining down on the old, black leather bound book. She read it dozens of times since she discovered it in a bookshop in the city. It had no title but had interesting stories within it, so she called it the Book of Myths, since it held myths of powers and such.

Within the confines of the book was a story that really caught her interest was the story of the Elemental wolves. Wolves that not only represented Nature's elements but of the Sun and the Moon and even Time and Space! Reading the words of the story fueled her hope of ending the suffering that not only she but her family and friends were enduring.

The myth said that if all the wolves were gathered and summoned... if they deemed you worthy, they'll call upon the wolves of Time and Space to aid you. But to do that, she needed objects that will summon the wolves and take those objects to a ruin that they had resided in once. She needed another piece of this mysterious little puzzle, the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone she needed if she wished to bring back those that have died. And that was what her goal was, to bring back her friends that were taken from this world far too early.

Twili closed her eyes and sighed sadly, she dearly missed Rogue, Elven, Max and Fionoch. She knew that Kila and her other friends missed them badly as well. It felt odd that everything went into a spiral of chaos after Rogue's death... but she swore that everything will be as it was before he died.. back to normal. She smiled in rememberance of the Soul Stone, she had heard stories of such a stone of that could locate anyone in the world, living or dead, in her travels before coming to the Westlands. All the stories said that the stone was forever lost...fools.

The archer flipped to the back of the book; there set into back cover of it was the Soul Stone. With the stone she can locate the bodies, warp to them and take them to ruin to perform the ritual to bring them back.

A small, dark, crazed smile formed on Twili's face as she touched the words on the book's pages...

"Bring together the elements, the sun and moon to call forth the beings of Time and Space. Great power will be granted to you to do as you wish..." she murmured the words, touching the dried ink on the pages, "and my wish is to bring my friends back and never allow anything bad to happen again to my friends and family..."

She continued to smile as she read the story again, unknowing of the book's dark energy pour into her and fueling her slowly growing insanity she was slipping into from being unable to deal with death and loss.

"But first..." She looked at the book's words, "I need the crystal of fire..."



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Time Posted: November 16 2009 11:46 pm EST
Last updated: February 8 2010 11:27 pm EST


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