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Subject: DeathAngel56
Height: 6''0
Wieght: 155Ib
Age: 1700
Location: everywhere
Occupation: Reaping

About me: I've been living among the human race listening and watching and waiting for my time to end. But wating dosen't seem to help. Dying seem so much better than living. For I have taken over a billion poor soul to there final resting place. Even though i feel no love I do feel pain. But still my life goes on wait for Judgement day to come and put my soul to rest. But until that day i live on watching in the Darkness waiting for the next person to show up on my list of Death. But it seems the more i kill the bigger my legend seems to get but until my times comes to a end I will do my job as the Angel of Death and take your soul.

The End

Time Posted: November 14 2009 07:31 pm EST
Last updated: November 14 2009 07:31 pm EST

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