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Subject: Search For Family - ((RPG)) **Restarted**
Theme - Anything You Make It To Be Just Keep It In Character Please.

Setting - A Small Village Called Kal'Landa And Surrounding Forest.

Characters - Nikki Adora and anyone else wishing to join in on her journey of discovery.Anything You Make It To Be Just Keep It In Character Please.

Note: This is a restart of the original storyline. This is happening due to a character that came in is unable to continue and I am restarting as I still want Nikki to find her family.

Nikki was distraught in the discovery that she had been raised by strangers and quickly retreated to the small bedroom where, wiping away the tears forming in her eyes, she began packing a small, clue nap sack with as many of her clothes she could via would be suitable for travel. The rest she left behind.

She had made up her mind, she just had to know what happened to her family and maybe it was all just one big lie and her family is still alive and searching for her. The woman tried to bar her from leaving and was pleading for her to stay but Nikki was not wavering from her mission. She made her way through the house with ease and stepped out onto the stoop she was told she had been found on.

As she walked she heard the woman's voice growing weaker as she called to her to come back. Sure footed Nikki marched on toward the looming forest ahead. As she took a deep breath she thought to herself, this is the start of her greatest adventure ever then disappeared into the forest.

Time Posted: October 23 2009 07:25 am EDT
Last updated: October 23 2009 07:25 am EDT

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