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Subject: The Effects of the Former Tranquility Pool
Schu and Bright Eyes moved in with Lionz and Gher. Schu and one day Schu & BE discovered a magical pool on one their run. When ever she was sad she would go to the pool and what ever was making her sad would be removed from her memory. At first it was very tiny things (such as an argument or something like that) and she would feel better and go back home. As the situation got worse in her life and in Westalnds she has been going more often and longer. (there are some very bad side effects from this pool as it was Made from a Demon) with the final events of her being blamed for Rogues death, her fathers death (by Kjarros and many others) she was getting more depressed. When Kjarro and Astons ghost attacking Lionz (as she saw it) she went over the edge. She knew there was only 1 way to kill herself and she could not use it, for the price was to high to pay. So she went to the pool to have her mind erased and die that way. Gher had been at the pool the previous day with Schu and knew this was a very special place to her but didn't know why at that time. (he later remembered as he had heard of such pools in his travels to the north.) They arrived to find Schu staring in the pool totally entranced. Lionz tried calling to her both through telepathy and verbally and there was no response. Gher slapped her until she responded but part of the damage had been done. Schu's personal identity was gone as that was the seat of the deepest pain, but what she had experienced as Hina was Happiness and was still fresh enough in her mind to remain. That was what Gher and Lionz tried to save. What you see is what they saved, memories from two lives neither complete but they are now her life, No special abilities except her Vampire and morphing, no god skills or weapons.

Before they had left these pool Lionz couldnt help but to look behind her to look at the beauty that had her daughter so entranced, even knowing the risks that could occur. It was just moments that she gazed upon the turquoise-aquamarine colored water and couldnt look away. The way the water glittered in the sunsetting light enchanted her heart. It wasnt till Gher stood between her and the pool that she was forced to not look at it. Her heart still longed to continue to look at it but she couldnt.

Just as they were to leave a thunderous sound came from the earth behind Gher and as they looked at the once beautiful Tranquility pool there was nothing left of it but a hole in the earth.

Legend says that these pools sense your need and unhappiness and they seek to remove that from the persons life. The longer you look into such pool the more it feeds off of your mind.You look at these pools long enough and you will literally loose all your memories and even your soul, leaving your body to perish. Legend also says that there are many of these pools across the world, where are they? We do not know, but these are not places that you want to look at and be at for more than a split second... specially if you live with many unhappy memories

Time Posted: October 6 2009 10:53 pm EDT
Last updated: October 7 2009 04:24 pm EDT


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