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Subject: forgoten one
king graywind has changed his name to his fathers lord graywind and killed the dark prince thus opening a huge massively black and red door and released hte massively huge demon like monster known as the FORGTON LORD. hte only way he could do this was with all five beings of darkness that served under the forgoten lord died by five certian people.
(lazy knight and loyall to those that help him)killer reaper-killed by chaos reaper
(simply said to be the strongest of the five a living nightmare when him and his brothers come to geather)chaos reaper-killed by you
(old ex gaurdian powerfull and loyall)bloodlust chaos-killed by queen liani
(lord of rage and fire very old and hard headed)pyro king-killed by liza
and(silent detructive warrior loyall)the dark prince-killed by graywind
when all five died their souls went to the door and graywind finished the ritual and open the forgotten lord he has been around since the dawn of time and this huge massively tall huge demon like monster was one of the first demons to be born.he serves only one and that is king graywind.his only goal os to open the four gates of hell east west north and south to release all four of his forgotten warriors of true destruction and rule again over what he has lost to the 12 warriors of begining 6 from heaven and 6 from hell the decents of the 12 are now here unknowing of what their role in life is. all of the 12 warriors have their tail and all of the six warriors that helpt reserect the forgoten one

Time Posted: September 13 2009 11:23 am EDT
Last updated: September 16 2009 02:33 am EDT


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