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Subject: the Viking mercenaries
"I have been declared nithing by majesty... so i am a killable mercenary soldiers"

this is not a meaning of execution its a start of a person who walks into land of Dark Warriors, his name is revivesaber. his story was quite ordinary though

Prelude:Genesis of revivesaber

Year 1182 AD, Turkish main forces have conquer the city of Jerusalem. over half of the surviving crusaders were enslaved. one of them is a cleric named RevivalDevil. His affection is a very threat to Turkish forces, and they threw the honourable guy and threw his body to a snake pit. and others keep on going to slave market.... but RevivalDevil is not dead... After 12 years, a kid who came from the camp of Janissaries, met his cloths when he is catching snakes, the 12 year old revive met his fathers remains and found a blessing cross which look like a saber. he take the cross to his mother, and she told him that its his father's and it will protect him when he has grown up... Year 1200, the siege of Contanstinople. the crusaders had atk into the city... when theres a machine bow firing at armored knights. The kid is revivesaber, who change his name since he get the cross. He managed to escape his slave owner. his mother has lost during escape. but he manage to went to a Byzantine outpost and become a guard there. After the siege, the garrison there has been captured like the 1st war reactment. and revivesaber has been awail in trial by crusaders and the result is nithing(by Danish trial). year 1215, revivesaber had fled to Scandinavia, he had become a Viking mercenaries there. and the rest is from now on, he had went into the world of medieval wars, the world of DarkWarriors...

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Time Posted: September 13 2009 08:59 am EDT
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