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Subject: The night my father died again
As I left my lover standing at the doorstep I ran off into the forest for I heard that there is going to be a good finding and fighting’s there so I toke my Shadow single blade my father’s old one and when I finally reached the forest I howled so loudly it could be heard for 100 hundred miles all around and charged deep into the forest till I got to my old home and found my Father’s dead corpse missing and heard him speaking outside. So I transformed into my elven form and formed an assassin’s clothes all around me and pulled up the hood and drew my father’s blade and walked into the clearing. There he was facing me with an exact copy of my twin blades except these were his old ones the ones I saw the demons steal that night so long ago. He yelled and charged at me I barely was able to pull up my blade in time to block his attack that nearly shattered my blade. He laughed I smelt death on his breath and his eyes were dead and he said “Just like old time huh my son?” I looked into those soulless eyes and felt like a child again. He backed up and I charged with my blade slashing wildly at my father as he blocked each of my swings with ease and with each block he got he cut me a little leaving me breathing heavily after only a few minutes of battle.
My father and I swung at each other it was a battle of the centuries like none other before this as me and my father blocked and swung trying to kill the other. I was starting to tire. I slashed one more time too slowly and my father slammed into the side of my blade sending it flying into a tree where it stuck to the hilt quivering nearly taking down the tree. My father laughed and said “You always were the weakest little child there ever was weren’t you?” And he turned and went to retrieve the sword from the tree. When he was far enough away I changed back into my wolf form and fled as fast as I could away from this place. I sent a sprit back to my father telling him I would be back here this next night.
I returned to the city a bloody mess I went to the home of my lover and collapsed in her arms. I told my sprit to tell her not to wake me and I will awaken on my own for I needed to intensely train for the upcoming night in the sprit realm. So for all that next day I trained while my body rested I trained in my demon form I trained in my elven form with my twin blades and I trained in my wolf form I was nearly complete with my training when I awoke suddenly feeling his presence just waiting less than a mile away in the forest. So I put on my clothes and my twin blades and all my daggers poisoned and nonpoisoned along with my throwing knives and I left the city in secret once again. My lover lay down asleep after seeing me awakened and I gently kissed her on the forehead. “I might die this night and so if I die I’m sorry but this may be the last good bye.”
I walked into the street and started running to the city wall and when I finally reached it I jumped up to the top of the wall and over. I then toke off running back towards the forest where my father had been and I followed his scent to the clearing in front of where my old house had been. As I vaulted through the trees I drew my twin blades and saw him, he stood there holding his twin blades and my blade on his back.
I charged him and started slashing at an incredible speed only my father would be able to see the blade slashes and he blocked each slash of my swords. He wasn’t doing as well as he had yesterday night when I had fought him. He slashed back with as much speed and with double my strength once again. I blocked all of his slashes almost with ease but he was slowly breaking through my defenses.
Just as he thought that he had me I pulled strength from my shadow core and parried his blades easily. I toke a step forward knocking him off balance and toke the opportunity to take a swing at him and slashed into his chest a blow that would of killed him. He laughed as my blade went through him and said “I am truly immortal and nobody can kill me now.” I said in response “I will kill you father for you have been dead before and must return to hell.” With that I slashed with all my strength and shattered both of his twin blades.
He drew my blade from his back with such a speed I couldn’t believe it. He slashed at me and nearly cleaved me in half but I dodged at the last second and lost a piece of my hair in the process. I charged him and kicked him in the chest sending him to the ground and I was on him in a second I sheathed my twin blades and drew two poisoned blades. I slashed at his face and throat poisoning his sprit and not his body and jumped up off him. I then threw my poisoned blades at him stabbing him one in the eye and one in the chest. I then charged him and slashed off his head but he fought on and slashed at me before I could block and the blade cut me down my side. That is when he finally fell; I picked up his head and cried out to the night sky.
I went into my old house and laid my father’s body next to my mother and I cut a hole in the floor and put all three of their bodies into the floor and I restored the floor and left with my blade back on my back and my twin blades in their sheathes. That is when I left the forest and returned to the city covered in blood from my side I didn’t heal my side it will heal in time I thought and it will prove that I fought my father once more.

Time Posted: September 10 2009 03:53 pm EDT
Last updated: September 13 2009 03:21 pm EDT


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