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Subject: My New Body
Hello, this Is King Rob. I am traped in this new body which has now controled me I can talk to some people who i have conections with.

This all started when I heard strainge voices in the back of my mind, trying to controlol me, nit is obvioua that I have been controled.
Peaces of my old persanality will peep through in times that will be humar.

Apprently thius New Body is 2times as strong as chaos's body, and strong.

King Gray I dont wont you to talk to come near to me that is a warning, eavan i cant forgive my father for dumping my mother.

If you are from my conections of my old life You will bhe contacted my me.

i am getting mad on my own, appart from the voice sayin that I need to rule the world.

From King Rob

Time Posted: September 3 2009 02:04 am EDT
Last updated: September 11 2009 09:17 am EDT


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