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Subject: the king of vampires
Hello I am the new King of vampires. well i drank an anchent potion and can control all vampired excepcpt his parence which he can not control. I need followers to join me in the most pwoerfull uprising i history and distroy humanity. Get biten and give out fear and horror to familyies in the wastland. I want my family to join me except Alastor who is the Light of the world.
I hope i can over throw the goverment and rule DW. Just say yes to me and il be happy to let you ocompany me through evil and hell. I am creatiing a new hell.

I will kill every one who dosnt agre with me so join me by my side.
Any one who has the most powerfull attack in the univers i will recrurt you in my Uprising.

King of all vampires

Time Posted: August 14 2009 04:47 am EDT
Last updated: August 20 2009 02:58 pm EDT


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