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Subject: The NEW Sephiroth's Story
Before he was even born the scientist Hojo injected Jenova cells into him while he was still in Lucrecia who is his mother. She didnt survive this experiment but Sephiroth did. After growing up in the lab with Hojo Sephiroth eventually joined soldier and became a 1st Rank General and earned a title around the world known as The Great Sephiroth, and everyone knew about him. He was in a war over at Wutai which the Shin-Ra won. A young boy named Cloud had heard of him and looked up to him as a role model so he too joined soldier hoping to become just like Sephiroth.One day there was a mission that Sephiroth led at Nibleheim. Cloud and Zack were two members of soldier with him. Their set mission was to correct a reactor malfunction..there was a mako leakage and it was creating monsters within the aera. Upon the way there they are attacked, in which we view Sephiroth slay a dragon with two hits of his sword and no attack of the dragon hurt him one bit.
Once they arrived at Nibleheim they slept for a night and went to the reactor the next day. However what Cloud says was him that went into the reactor with him was really Zack. Sephiroth and Zack travled back into the room with the leak and Sephiroth told Zack to fix it. While doing this Sephiroth notices the strange creatures within the capsules in the room. He tells Zack to look and explains that this is what happens to humans who have an over exposure to Mako Energy. He discovered this was Hojo's doing and didnt like it. Glancing into the back of the room Sephiroth notices a sign over a door that says Jenova. He was told this was his mothers name. But we know this is not true. However thinking it was a coincidence he quickly threw this away and wondered if he was created the same way as these monsters were. He gets angry and starts to attack the capsules. Zack tells him to calm himself and they travel back into Nibleheim where Sephiroth locks himself up in the Shin-Ra manison for what seems like forever. In there he read books upon books of the Jenova project and the history of the ancients. When Cloud goes to check on him we see him sitting at a desk. At this point he notices Cloud and calls him a traitor. "What are you talking about?" Cloud asks only to get this anwser.....
Long ago the Cetra used to rule this planet untill humans came along and wiped out their race destroying it and the planet. "I am the last remaining Cetra. I am the rightful heir to this planet!" Sephiroth says. Cloud very confused with the way Sephiroth is acting backs off some.Sephiroth then stands up with the words..."Out of my way...I am going to see my mother" which he flys off and leaves the manison. When Cloud gets back outside he see's his town on fire. He glances up only to see Sehiroth slay two men upon his blade. Sephiroth notices Cloud watching and he glances up slowly giving him an evil grin before he slowly turns and walks away through the flames from where he disappears into them. Cloud then persues him to the reactor (he is Zack by now) Once inside he runs back into the Jenova chamber which Sephiroth opened. He pulls the statue away from the tank holding Jenova and looks at it. Zack runs in and draws his sword beckoning Sephiroth to fight. Sephiroth not being phased draws his blade and leaps at Zack greatly injuring him. At this point Cloud comes by and Zack murmers..."Cloud...kill Sephiroth..." Cloud goes to do just this. Instead of in the chamber he and Sephiroth meet on a bridge in the reactor suspended over the mako energy below it. Sephiroth goes to stab Cloud but Cloud grabs the blade of his sword lifting him into the air and throwing Sephiroth over the edge into the mako below......he wasnt seen after that...Sephiroth just disappeared. Or so it seems for five short years..... Five years later when Cloud has tried to forget the tradegy of the past and joined AVALANCHE, they enter the Shin-Ra building in order to stop they're plans but are however captured and locked in a room. In the morning Cloud finds his door unlocked and a trail of blood that leads to a dead guard. Unlocking all his companions they follow the trail of blood that leads throughtout the entire building, finding slayed bodies along the way. This trail leads to president Shin-Ra's office and the Masamune is sticking right out of him...the president is dead but this means Sephiroth has returned!
Cloud and his companions then set out on a mission to find Sephiroth. First they thought that he just wanted to find and claim the Promised Land but they find out his true devastateing plans later on when they enter the Temple of the Ancients. In the room with pictures on the walls is where you find Sephiroth. He explains his true plan. "I am becoming one with the planet" he says...and explains that once he gets the black materia out of this temple that he will use it summon the ultimate destructive magic....Meteor. This Meteor will crash into the planet creating a huge crater, a large wound, where spirit energy will rush to heal it...but Sephiroth will be there to claim all the energy to himself. "Do not worry" he tells Tseng once he stabs him..."You will die only to live later as a part of me" in this he leaves once again. The next time you run into him is the city of the ancients. Where Cloud finds Aeris praying for Holy to stop the Meteor that Sephiroth will summon using the Black Materia. Sephiroth comes down at this point and stabs Aeris killing her. He then tells Cloud who seems upset ..."You have no feelings Cloud....You are just a puppet" ...he leaves once again. After travling to the Reunion of Sephiroths controlled followers weapons that were created by the Cetra and buried within the earth awaken and begin to attack the planet in attempts to stop the evil one...Sephiroth. Cloud being controlled by him gives him the black materia and soon after Sephiroth summons when people look into the sky they veiw it as only a week to live.Cloud angered more then ever by this travels into the crater where Sephiroth plans to hurt the planet deeper with the Meteor. He reaches the center where Sephiroth is and they engage in battle. After a tough fight Sephiroth faces Cloud one on one. Cloud slashes furiously and it appears that Sephiroth has died. But Meteor is still coming towards the planet. It reaches Midgar and as it neats it begins sending winds off of it destroying Midgar. Holy swirls beneathe it but cannot stop the Meteor. We then see the Life Stream rise up in ribbons from the ground all over the surface of the planet. The spirits of the lifestream all head towards Meteor and this is where the game ends......but continueing a bit further...with the new movie relase of Advent Children...a second part to FF7. Meteor has been stopped and it has been two years later. People are being affected by Geostigma or StarScar Syndrome. This was brought on by Meteor. Also later we find out Sephiroth is in this that means,,,Clouds attempts to kill him were a failure...

(the meteor)

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