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Subject: Teh Witch and Plat Rat

Well... we were hanging out in the local pub as usual. I was throwing around the bread crumbles in the hope of unsuspected victems to fallow them and jump into my everboiling kettle.

Like this one time an unsuspected victem took bubble bath in my kettle and I had a nice lunch later...

Anyway... About the Plat Rat. We were hanging out in local bar and then some jerk spilled some potion on me so I, the ugly old witch, turned into a rat...

I was hungry... So I ran around the Bar trying to escape a cat and ppl feet... Nibbling on them and all... and then I sniffed a peace of platinum. And ate it.

Then the platinum mixed with the already existing potion in my stomach and I turned into a Plat Rat. So now I was running extra hard because someone wanted to take me to platinum shop and cash me in! Me!! Teh witch!!

Luckily the effect of the potion ended and I turned back into a witch. However every now and then I still am able to turn back into the Plat Rat....

So... Say "hi" to witch Elia teh plat rat^^

Time Posted: July 10 2009 04:06 pm EDT
Last updated: July 29 2009 07:37 pm EDT


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