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Subject: the marrage of.
the marriage of Robskill and lolita. was a really happy one.

now living with two boys and two girls, living happily together.

soon Robskill will be King of his land and would of made his father prode. The kingdom is soon going to be in rule of Robskill and lolita.

our land is the biggest and fought off the pessants which want justus and, wont because they'll get the blood drained by the children of the rulers.

the family are vampires, well Robskill is a full vampire and lolita is a mixed beast of a demon and vampire. the kids are the same as there mother, half demon and vamipre.

The ruling of the Robskill kingdom is a fearful one if any wrong dolings.

Time Posted: June 29 2009 11:08 am EDT
Last updated: July 12 2009 01:17 pm EDT


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