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Subject: The Beggar Who Will Become The Arena Champ
Now that Rogue found his new family Kitfisto allso his rival and the
warrior Psychodad Rogue thought he had everything he ever wanted
untill the warrior wanted to give Rogue something. he gave him..
....The Broken Tribal Axe!It was perfect for him.He immediatly
went to the forest and chopped down anything that wanted to fight
him in a single swing!Then Kitfisto came out of a bush and drew his
ice daggers and challeneged him to a face off.Rogue was ready
so he drew his axe and they ran at each other then......
To Be Continued.......

Time Posted: May 31 2009 03:07 pm EDT
Last updated: August 16 2009 02:26 pm EDT


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